Sunday panorama – view from Germany towards Switzerland


We are blessed by the proximity of France – 20 minutes drive will take you across the border to the petite camargue eat Alsatian specialties, or French specialties such as crepe or Kougelhopf (find recipe here), try new restaurants to drink Gewürztraminer or other Alsatian wines, to eat unpasteurized cheeses and to experience a whole different food culture – the products available in the shops are different, the ethnic foods available are different, of course they are, it’s a different country so close yet so far – oh and you get perfect baguettes in France of course – funnily enough a baguette made on the Swiss side of the border just doesn’t taste the same – different size, different length different crust. You’d think the recipes had crossed the border but no.  You can also pop across the border to Germany – different shops, different foods and some beautiful vineyards, German wines, pretty restaurants high up on a hill, you can have a seat on the terrace look out across the fields and enjoy a simple pile of fresh strawberries topped with whipped cream – I felt I was living a charmed life last week as I sat in a restaurant – more photos here:  Ötlingen with a friend and looked across the fields. IMG_7747


22 thoughts on “Sunday panorama – view from Germany towards Switzerland

    • Yes you are right – we are very lucky – all of us sharing images, food and experience on the WWW. So easy to take for granted but you are right, we should be grateful every day. Thanks for safe trip wishes – I’ll think of you when the entertainment system fails again :)!

      • I have an IPAD with movies, a notebook with work I need to get done (but which I never do on flights) and yes I have a whole shelf of airplane books sourced at a recent jumble sale 🙂 – so I will take some along too – always good to be prepared!

      • I am lucky. If I fly for work it is always domestic. International always holiday. Then I go armed with books and picture this…. Sodoku! Between that and the movies I keep the plane up there. Domestic flights I work, just not to think!

      • Domestic :work – switzerland is so small u can cross it in 4 hours driving so no point getting a plane! International: holidays? I try to combine it work& pleasure = balance 🙂 sudoku !!??? Really wow the patience 🙂

    • Thank you Elaine – a short hop across the channel for you 🙂 – it is lovely – of all environments i still love the english countryside best though 🙂 – less tame

      • It is beautiful here (when the sun shines and it’s all green that is!)
        I know when I lived in Holland we drove all over Europe, it was so easy to get in your car and go 🙂

      • Yes sun shining all green, or dewdrops on grass, or ancient trees guarding a bluebell lawn, or hawthorns in bloom and rolling golden fields of wheat – beautiful – you live in Nl – yes then its easy to travel around – have a great monday

      • lucky you – and if I remember your new kitchen correctly you get to look out of big windows into the green beyond – something I loved as well growing up – here there is not enough land so unless you are out in the countryside by Swiss standards – anything more than 20 minutes away from the city (which by English standards is not out in the countryside as I can be in French rolling fields in a 25 minute drive, you always have a building in front of you….perceptions on distance are different in a small country I guess was the same in NL

  1. 🙂 🙂 – so you may know all about the BT tower BUT you are not sitting anywhere close to it, lucky you :)!!!! green rolling fields, oak trees, grazing animals, and small shops with leaded windows – wonderful!

  2. Oh Poli… posts like this make me crave a few years of living somewhere in Europe! Compared with Australia, everything is so close – different countries, cultures and languages all within a few hours travel time! Lovely!

    • Oh Margot – so true – thats why it’s lovely – i on the other hand sometimes crave wide open spaces with no people – just nature and silence and a sky that is wide open – mongolia comes to mind…. Never been to australia or new zealand – furthest i have been in that direction is bali -:) its such a long way – but my cousin lives in NZ and has complained i dont visit – maybe one day i will 🙂

    • Hi Rhonda – I know – you think you would but then you don’t – especially once you get used to thinking in Swiss distances – where 20 minutes is a long way by car 🙂 – well not really but daily life gets in the way!

      • You’re right. We live 30 minutes from the coast, so you’d think we’d be down at the beach all the time. Nope. We manage to fill our time without those walks on the beach…

      • I know – i spent the afternoon in the boston aquarium surrounded by shrieking teenagers whose only words seemed to be ” oh my god !!!! Have you SEEN that ugly fish..” – what do you teach them, Rhonda ;)!!! I was wishing at some point that there were signs saying – ” see the fish, they swim in silence, yet still they live, they breathe, they are aware and in their beauty they are appreciated, please enjoy your time at Boston Aquarium in mindful stillness – observe the animals – take time to watch them – and in so doing experience the power of silence ” but no signs amywhere – i am getting old right ?.. 🙂 – but then teens will be teens – i was always a teen science nerd… surprises there eh? But why i started writing this is because the hotel lady who is a bostonite has never been to the aquarium… We never ho to the things close to us – like your beach walks – same issue

      • That’s a whole new topic Poli– silence/stillness. I never seem to take enough time for that either– unless I’m driving alone to SF– 8 hours alone in the car past farms and hills– quiet enough to think. — why don’t I find that stillness more often, for goodness sake??

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