On the beach at dusk…in York, ME

image Beach in the evening – York – Maine?

Naturally there has been wining and dining on this trip – I passed on California oaked Chardonnay, I had a lovely US Riesling and some wonderful sauvignon blanc from New Zealand, in blatant disregard for ecology, there have been churches and culture, lobster rolls, steamed lobsters, aquarium visits where we were assured that eating lobster was a sustainable food choice, there was a wonderful haddock with beetroot and orange relish at my new favourite restaurant Joshua’s in Wells Maine –  the man is an inspired chef, he cooks as though each plate he prepares was made with love – for you! His malted bread is a revelation, portion sizes are normal and unlike in many other US restaurants the food is not overly sweet – it’s odd that almost every dish here in the US seems to have tons of added sugar – salad dressings, salsa for meat, many typically salty offerings are sweet and the sweet offerings – preserves, french toast and scones had me reaching for my insulin shot – just kidding. Also many foods don’t taste natural at all – yoghurts to me taste soapy, welches grape jelly tastes the way I imagine the colour purple would taste on monsters inc. but not like any grape I’ ve ever tasted – mayo is sweet – it’s odd – but I guess that if you get used to surrogate tastes natural just tastes ” boring” in comparison?

I will share some images and foods and foraging discoveries soon – but tonight I share a peaceful image of  a beach – happy wednesday….


9 thoughts on “On the beach at dusk…in York, ME

  1. Sounds like you’ve had some fabulous food on this trip Poli! You have me craving a lobster roll right now. 🙂 Hope you’ve had a wonderful time!
    Interesting to read your perspective on the sweetness of food found in other establishments around the country… we avoided many of the popular restaurants when we lived in the USA, opting only to eat out at independently run places who had a reputation for authentic and quality cuisine… all other meals were cooked at home. Oh and labels on all food being purchased from the supermarket were scrupulously checked for what was contained within!

    • Hi Margot – great lobster rolls but even here mayo it was served with was a bit sweet, we have targeted recommended restaurants but often it depends who is doing the recommending, also when far away from everything the food refelcts that – was in a store last night and amazed at all the foods – coloured, loads of fake maple syrups, a triumph of man over nature – which maybe due to history here appeals to sensibilities more than it does in europe say – interesting. Even homemade stuff at bed and breakfasts e.g. french toast too too sweet 🙂

  2. I am on a business trip again(again, again) and even in my own country from province to province I find the same thing as you. Not the “sweetness” thing but the lack of quality meals, dishes and food. Cape Town and the Western Cape in general just know how to use quality ingredients consistently and is absolute food heaven compared to the rest of the country. Always risky to generalise i know, but still….

    • Funny SA was in my mind the place of good food but makes sense you can only get it in certain areas – the thing is that here so much of what we have been served is mass produced I suspect that real food wouldnt sell well – forget slow just food that has not been processed and processed – seafood fresh from the sea has been stellar on occasion on others so much starch and fat added you cannot taste the seafood anymore – seems like bigger is always better whereas we are used to paying much more for much less and to having provenance marked on the menu and local is big too – however small country very different history etc – also in switzerland people generally eat meat 1 – 2 times a week and focus on veg and nonmeat dishes rest of the time – a price issue ( a kg of good beef in Switzerland could easily set you back 60 – 80 uS dollars depending on quality so you wouldnt eat it that much – also big vegetarian movement ongoing – here in us i study menus and note most have no vegetarian options – apart from pasta – and vegan options pretty nonexistent – but i am out in hunting fishing outdoor country – so maybe not surprising – shane you observe the same lack og interesting well cooked food when you travel… Have fun keeping plane up 🙂 safe journey Poli

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