Sunday in Maine: Nubble lighthouse – York, Maine

imageThis Sunday I spent hiking in Germany, however it is only a short 10 days ago that we got to spend some wonderful days in Maine and New Hampshire and this is a photo from that time. Between iPhones and iPads and Nikons and Canons and a Lumix camera the photos are currently all over the place so I am going with what I have available for the moment, but bear with me 🙂

8 thoughts on “Sunday in Maine: Nubble lighthouse – York, Maine

  1. My goodness but you are burning miles! Home at last for me and now preparing for visitors. Suddenly full blown winter here. So not ready for it. Nothing like your winters though. I like soup. So lots of soup it will be. Ideas as scattered as my brain at the moment….. Enjoy your weekend.

    • Why hello there – burning miles and not posting a thing -hm….just got back from the UK yesterday and now working to shift the back log….here it is hot 30°C and it could be so nice to just sit on the balcony and do nothing – but I now have to get down to it. Soup you say? Cold weather? I have a lovely red lentil soup on my blog if you like that kind of thing and a fava bean soup, just if you need ideas, I am sure you have loads of your own too though!

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