Sunday photo: View from rattlesnake mountain, Poland Maine


This was a beautiful hike – up, up and up into the hills, not a mountain by Swiss standards, but respectable. Through so many trees I started getting a little nervous about not seeing anything, not having any idea where I was, not knowing how long it would take us to get there. Carrying food and water with us and wearing proper gear helped, to clarify this is a safe pedestrian type of hike, but if you are in countryside you do not know, hiking trails that are not marked too well, you tend to get more nervous than you otherwise might. And the view was so so worth it – amazing countryside, the sun on the trees and the glinting blue of the lakes beyond. Reminded me a little of a hike in Siberia (where we almost got lost). On this hike we did in fact get lost, going down was suddenly not so easy to find the path anymore (did I mention they were unmarked?). I was at the point of panicking, which we all know brings absolutely no benefits with it, when my dear Mr Polianthus fired up a GPS (my cell phone battery was dead from all the photo taking) found us a signal and found us a way out of there. I am eternally grateful. On the road we were overtaken by a truck, the truck reversed, the driver said ” Howdy, you lost, do you need a ride to your car?” and very kindly took us back to the beginning of the trail (which would have been another 1 hour trek along the road. It’s lovely that sometimes when you are out and about in our big wild world you meet human angels who help you along on your path. It made our hike special in a whole new way, as did seeing a  wild porcupine. As soon as I have found the gentleman’s address I will be sending him a card (googlmaps makes this type of tracking so easy nowadays)……

Happy Sunday all


16 thoughts on “Sunday photo: View from rattlesnake mountain, Poland Maine

    • Hi Margot – thanks very much – I have so many food adventures and recipes to share as well, but somehow I am not finding enough peace of mind to address everything – that’s why there are mainly landscape photos and adventure stories 🙂 – it is a very very beautiful place – highly recommend it

    • Hi Rhonda – lovely to hear from you – yes the man was very kind – good Samaritan indeed – my partner who has read too many stephen king novels was a bit concerned about getting into a truck with a stranger (i wouldnt normally do it either) – but went along with it – and I am so glad as the walk would have been excruciating on asphalt.

    • It is very pretty isn’t it – I am more of a desert person than a forest person but the landscapes here were just stunning -thanks for popping by shy

    • My dear Flippenblog – spoken like a true true lawyer 🙂 – in my dealings with humans – despite frequent failings of this system – I still find optimism triumphs over experience time and time again – that said – I was once stuck in the desert in Israel near the dead sea by myself waiting for a bus and a guy stopped his car and said – I am a rabbi (no kippa, shorts, no zfillae (however they are spelled) t shirt… – and this is my driver – young – israeli or arabic looking guy – and we are driving up north and we’d be happy to give you a lift – in my minds eye I saw a bucket leaking blood in the dessert (odd image but that is what came up) and so I said ever provocative “hm, as a rabbi what happened to your gear?” – he said – oh that I am on holiday – no kippa? That just seemed odd – anyway – I said thanks but not to worry, I waited and waited, they waited and said you know well stick around if you change your mind, they came over to ask me twice more before finally a bus came and took me up North – I am pretty sure that would not have turned out well – so here I am to tell the tale. Sometimes wisdom does prevail (2 men – 1 woman long winding desert roads – maybe I shouldn’t be too smug for not having gone with them..)

      • That is what I would call a very close shave! Happy you can tell the tale. Experiences are the weirdest things. What I read for leisure is anyway so gruesome I am not surprised by the bucket leaking blood at all!

      • Yes it felt like a very close shave – like the poet who wrote about the paths diverging in the wood – have a number of close shaves in Israel – hitchhiked – middle of nowhere – everyone was doing it – two women – two guys stopped – one built like a tree – had a really bad feeling but got in anyway and then they drove really fast and wouldn’t let us out – I considered stabbing the driver with my penknife/jumping out of the, was still fully functional weirdly – my friend was frozen – in the end they had had their laugh and let us out – not fun – and now I think of it, since Israel I have refused to sit in the back of a car and I couldn’t for the life of me explain it, now it makes perfect sense…..right older and wiser now, plus also more disposable cash available, so days of risks behind me – have a great night!

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