Breakfast in Pelham, New Hampshire – blueberry pancakes

IMG_0762As a self-declared food blogger I feel slightly guilty that most of my posts at the moment are landscape photography, admittedly another weakness of mine ( I remember family holidays when I would shoo the family off the picture because they were interfering with the overall effect of the rice paddies (I was about 15 at the time, I guess some things start early). So to balance the landscapes – please find a breakfast!

I wanted to share a wonderful breakfast we had at our friends house in Pelham New Hampshire -the worlds most adorable couple got married in may and because they are also loving and gentle and kind they also make the world’s greatest hosts – yes the pancakes were that good. Sitting outside on the deck in the somewhat chilly New Hampshire morning with a steaming mug of coffee, crisply fried bacon and blueberry pancakes, made with wild blueberries picked by our host the previous year.


The pancakes were perfect, light and fluffy with the blueberries bursting into little nuggets of sweet blueness as soon as you bit on one. Add to this 2 different kinds of maple syrup light grad A and darker grade C tapped by the hosts own dad from his own Vermont trees, and frankly you couldn’t get a much better start to a day.


Pancakes are traditional for breakfast in this part of the US and I had quite a few by the time we reached our friends house, but to be honest, these were the best hands down. Asked for the recipe, our host shrugged and said Betty Crocker, I am not sure if that is a ready made mix, which I would be surprised at, or if it’s a recipe, those of you in the US will certainly be able to tell me, as will my host when I get round to asking.

I personally always use Nigella Lawsons American pancake recipe to great effect -the blessed woman has put the recipe online so you can go find it there. Happy breakfasting 🙂 Poli


19 thoughts on “Breakfast in Pelham, New Hampshire – blueberry pancakes

  1. apparently It’s a pancake mix – ah well I don’t usually fall for stuff out of a tin, but maybe the pancake mix only has all natural ingredients in it and you add an egg? that is what i am going to tell myself 🙂

    • you have me in a loyalty conflict now 🙂 – so for this once we’ll just go along with you – homemade it is – and the main thing is they were delicious (must be all the additives) – I have now looked it up: on wikepedia:

      According to General Mills, Bisquick was invented in 1930 after one of their top sales executives met an innovative train dining car chef on a business trip. After the sales executive complimented the chef on his deliciously fresh biscuits, the dining car chef shared that he used a pre-mixed biscuit batter he created consisting of lard, flour, baking powder and salt. The chef then stored his pre-mixed biscuit batter on ice in his kitchen ahead of time, enabling him to bake fresh biscuits quickly on the train every day. As soon as the sales executive returned from that business trip, he stole the chef’s idea and created Bisquick.

      The recipe was adapted, using hydrogenated oil, thus eliminating the need for refrigeration. Bisquick was officially introduced on grocers’ shelves in 1931.

      Although first promoted for making just biscuits (“90 seconds from package to oven,” the slogan read), Bisquick was soon used to prepare a wide variety of baked goods from pizza dough to pancakes to dumplings to snickerdoodle cookies.

      One cup of Bisquick can be substituted by a mixture of one cup of flour, 1½ teaspoons of baking powder, ½ teaspoon of salt, and 2 1/2 tablespoons of oil or melted butter (or by cutting in 2 1/2 tbsp Crisco or lard).

      The ingredients in Bisquick Original consist of bleached wheat flour (enriched with niacin, iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin and folic acid), partially hydrogenated soybean and/or cottonseed oil, leavening (baking soda, sodium aluminum phosphate, monocalcium phosphate), dextrose and salt.[1]

      • Hahaha! I will accept the concession ever so “gracefully” and will not gloat. Too much. For too long…… It is all in the quality of the gesture me things.

      • I can tell you can tell it was not easily made – good lawyer that you are .:)

        HA – I retract!!! We now have full information on the pancakes and they were made from scratch, NOT a single nasty boxed mix in sight, thank you Perfect Husband TM (no not mine) – what do your friends call you? and also Perfect Chef TM! for making us the pancakes – they were great!

  2. We have pancakes for breakfast on most Sunday mornings Poli… I have my favourite recipe that I use too, but will definitely try folding through some blueberries next time (in fact… tomorrow!), to experience this deliciousness! 🙂

    • hello dear Margot – will you share your recipe with me, I am pretty sure it is not Betty Crocker 🙂 – I just had pancakes this morning, absent butter or milk I used natural yoghurt – they worked out really nicely actually – served with fresh mango, fresh raspberries and coffee with cream (no milk…) it was a lovely breakfast – tell me how your blueberry pancakes turn out!

      • Hi Poli, I use yoghurt too, though I use Greek and mix it with milk, before whisking into the dry ingredients. Recipe is one slightly adapted from that of an Aussie chef (Bill Granger) – it’s on the blog under “Sunday Morning Pancakes” if you’re keen to have a look. They always turn out so beautifully light and fluffy.
        Love the idea of mango and raspberries – though unfortunately will have to wait for summer for those… 😉 Looking forward to tomorrow’s breakfast already! Mmm Mmm!

      • Hi Margot – interesting I will check out bill grangers blog in that case, thanks for pointing me in his direction, no premixed mix for you either eh? Happy Sunday – and the summer is just around the corner, amazingly it’s currently 28 degrees here daily which is lovely mainly because the sun is shining and my plants are all really happy

  3. Poli, sorry… should have said that the recipe came from one of his cookbooks, but I’ve put it on my blog – just put pancakes into the search field. Ending up having to do some other baking and cooking this morning, so didn’t get around to making pancakes (much to the dismay of my youngest child!) Will try again next weekend instead! Happy Sunday to you too and enjoy some of that warmth and sunshine for me too. 🙂 M.xx

    • Hi Margot – oh that is kind of you to put it on the blog, I will have a look for it! No pancakes for breakfast? Oh dear 🙂 poor youngest child – we are only just getting up here, the weather is hot already, and we’re about to head out for a day of walking in the forest and hopefully a swim in a lake if I can find one..

  4. Hey Poli– Betty Crocker started with cookbooks before she made mixes!! so the recipe could have been from the Betty Crocker cookbook– My mom has the 19949n version (from when she was married) and I have the 1975 one– I use if for basics– biscuits, muffins, upside-down cake… In any case, these do look srumptious!!!

    • AHA – Betty Crocker in Switzerland is called Betty Bossy – I always thought this was a Swiss invention but have discovered that no it’s the US Betty Crocker adapted to here, I haven’t fact checked this today, but my memory tells me this is so. And maybe my friends have the old recipe from 1975 it is very possible! thanks for commenting, the cakes were lovely

    • It was fun – and actually extra special being able to just sit down at a laid table to fresh pancakes and maple syrup with good company and to be taken care of, you are right, that made it extra special!

  5. My Perfect Wife(TM) pointed out to me that you had posted about pancakes. I must say thank you for the kind words. I can confirm that Betty Crocker wrote one of my cookbooks, but provided none of the ingredients in my pantry! I use her recipe as a basis for the flour-milk-egg-oil ratio, but I take it from there on my own. Your breakfast had a blend of white and graham flour and the egg whites were whipped. I am looking forward to seeing you later this fall.

    • Thank goodness, i was in a quandry here as i couldnt quite imagine youd use a pancake mix but you did say betty crocker – so pancakes qualify as fully homemade then :)!!!! Perfect. Thank you !

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