Sunday Ideas for vegetarian breakfast’s and brunches and snacks in-between


Once again I find myself in no-recipe land – the challenge I face is that I really do not measure anything when I cook – I throw things together, I mix and I adapt as I see fit as I go along, this can result in both disastrous and exquisite food experiences, however, it generally turns out well, but it also means I have to force myself to write down things when I am cooking if I want to blog about it. So for today, I am just sharing ideas, especially as pancakes we have already established that everyone  has their favourite recipe – so I am just sharing ideas here – pancakes – mine were made with an egg, 225g of flour, water in the absence of any milk like substance and yoghurt to a consistency you can pour in a pan but isn’t too thin to stay together, and 1/2 tablespoon of  baking powder – I added dried blueberries to one of the pancakes the rest are plain. Served with mangoes, raspberries and maple syrup grade C.


For in-between snacks – fresh melon and  cherries are great – and a water caraffe with melon pieces and fresh mint inside looks pretty, also the melon flavours the water gently which is very enjoyable.

And then for brunch:


Fresh fruit, Iranian cucumbers, really tasty if you can get them, fresh goats cheese and tahini with some djeera seeds on top, add in a frothy coffee and a soft-boiled egg and you could do worse for brunch according to me.

Oh and definitely eat outside if you can!

Happy Sunday all

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