Drive by shooting – Cape Elizabeth – Maine


I promise you I didn’t eat grass on these trips, in the last weeks I have visited some spectacular restaurants – Joshua’s in Wells, Velveteen Habit in Cape Neddick, the best restaurant I have ever eaten in in my life in Cambridge UK – Midsummer house, I have also done lots of gardening, discovered new herbs and foraged vegetables, and cooked a fair few experimental dishes in my kitchen, oh and I have been to see ancient libraries and visited a wonderful chapel – King’s college chapel in Cambrige (UK not Mass), which reminds me of my all time favourite church worldwide – St Chapelle in Paris (round the corner from Berthillon ice-cream – if you only have time for one activity in Paris, visit the church, trust me). Apparently this is not an accident of fate either but due to young King Henry being inspired by seeing St Chapelle as an eight-year-old and wanting something similar in England – I guess it helps to have the cash for this type of want..

Anyhow, despite lots and lots of experiences in the past weeks, I bring you, instead of food stories, food photos, inspirations on interesting recipes or restaurant reports, yet more landscapes. This one from New England again – love marshlands – drove by this in the car but managed to get a shot that lets you get a feel for the countryside. We were driving back from a place we were scoping out for dinner – Jordan’s farm – sadly not open for the season yet – they do farm to table cuisine and according to reports they do it well. Ah well maybe next time…


9 thoughts on “Drive by shooting – Cape Elizabeth – Maine

  1. Relieved to find that this post wasn’t quite what I thought it was going to be about… after reading the title! 😉 Lovely to hear that you’ve been having lots of wonderful food experiences lately Poli!

    • Favourite church – have you been to Kings College Chapel in Cambridge? It is spectacular – I think the perfect trip to Europe would take in first the one and then the other, and yes Berthillon is just down the road from St Chappelle

      • Have a look online for images of kings college in cambridge, was started by henry the 6th who apparently saw St Chappelle in Paris at the age of 8 and was so impressed that he planned his life work to build a similar church in England, according to the excellent guide we had in Cambridge and frankly it is beautiful – more information here:

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