Surf and Turf – Ogunquit…. Maine

P1020792Gardening by the ocean, despite the fact that New England winters are notoriously harsh, the summer season very clearly makes it’s mark as you can see here in the photo above of a garden in Perkin’s Cove in Ogunquit Maine – tulips in full bloom in late May and behind the garden you can see the ships in the harbour!


8 thoughts on “Surf and Turf – Ogunquit…. Maine

      • We spent the weekend up in Big Bear– there’s a drought in Calif. and the lake is down 12 feet and it all seems a lot less green. so sad. waiting for rain…

      • of course there is the big drought in california – must have been very sad seeing lake down 12 feet…that is a lot – I can imagine the flora and fauna are suffering – the temperature here was around 35Ā°C today and has been on and off in the past weeks which is very unusual and probably a sign of things to come

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