Lobster Shack Clam chowder..Ogunquit

DSC_7264I admit – I have had clam chowders I have loved, however, not a one in New England – before you write to me with a barrage of insults let me explain – the clam chowders I had in New England all had green bits in them, that added not a iota of flavour, there were bits of potato floating in them and bits of clam (yes I know duh) and the base fluid seemed to be single cream diluted with water – add to this tasteless crackers thrown on top. Every single bowl made me think of something my aunt Betsy might have made on a sunday (if I had an American Aunt Betsy) with whatever she could find in the pantry, and maybe I would have loved it because I’d been outside all day, it was cold outside, I loved Aunt Betsy and I admired the fact, that despite wartime rationing she’d found some bits of clam on the beach and some half and half and had served me a chowder of love. Frankly chowder nostalgia belongs firmly up there with nostalgia for Cadbury’s Creme eggs ( I love them because they remind me of my childhood, but really they are not that wonderful) – and some other old English favourites – it reminds you of love and childhood. And naturally not having grown up in New England, this chowder, doesn’t trigger nostalgia so I let it be. Before you think I didn’t try, I did, I had a chowder in Boston, fully expecting to love it, I didn’t, I thought, ah they made it wrong, I had another in Ogunquit at Barnacle Billy’s (yes nomen est omen – don’t eat there if you can help it) – no good, and the next day at the lobster shack they served us a free one, would have seemed churlish to refuse, I tried again, but nope…Now I have had chowders I have loved before and after a quick google I discover that the cream based ones are from New England – I’ve had amazing creamy thick and luscious clam chowders where the chowder coated your spoon and you could feel each spoonful cling to your hips as it settled, oh the joy, the sensual delight, but sadly in New England itself it was not to be. Please feel free to comment AND OR berate me – I look forward to opening the online clam chowder war!


10 thoughts on “Lobster Shack Clam chowder..Ogunquit

    • well it may look awesome – but it was in fact distinctly overwhelming – checked out your blog – this sentence really made me smile : “Throughout this journey, I found a love for food that can only be accomplished by living in NYC” šŸ™‚ – you also write you plan to travel, there are some great food blogs out there that will point you in the direction of some amazing restaurants outside NYC – oh and if you fancy a drive up the coast – check out Joshua’s in Wells (Maine) and the Velveteen Habit in Cape Neddick (also Maine) – both amazing restaurants

  1. Well, I love the white or New England clam chowder but it has to be made well in order to be flavorful, not too thin and not too thick. lots of onion in the base, don’t skimp on the clams either. I’ve never had green bits in my chowder what was that? Never had any green in mine. Making a good chowder is not as easy as one would think and finding one in a restaurant is challenging I’ve found.

    • I see – so its not just me then, but maybe the restaurants? Makes me feel better at some point inwas starting to think my memory of perfect chowder was all in my mind…

  2. šŸ˜€ Can’t stop giggling! Though definitely feel sad to know that you tried so hard for a good Clam Chowder and didn’t find one there. Maybe you should develop your own perfect recipe Poli!?

    • Hm – šŸ™‚ – glad i made you laugh, i know clam chowder is a much loved dish so was hesitant to take it on, and i did try so hard šŸ˜¦ – could develop a recipe by myself – would be heavy on the full fat cream though …. Happy friday ! Still havent read all the tdpc posts nor checked out yours for a while – will remedy on sat!

    • did you ever post her recipe? It may not be average, sometimes doing things exactly the same way makes for a superior experience – my mum recently made a crumble, I have been making them for years, but hers transcended anything I have done, and she followed a recipe (which I hardly ever do ..)

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