Cremini Mushroom Soup | Winter Menu | Appetiser

Mushroom soup

Mushroom soup

Oh how fitting – a mushroom soup! If you remember Francesca introduced herself as an introvert – to her husbands extrovert – and if you read the introductions they wrote of themselves you will see what she means. I reblogged her intro to Francesca a while back, and based on what she wrote, I decided that I think of her a deep red wine – cherry and tobacco notes – here writes a generous spirit with a lot of depth, full bodied, life embracing and nuanced, accessible but only if approached with consideration and using all one’s senses, this wine needs to be given time to breathe. I still think this – and Francesca’s choice of mushrooms for the starter just confirms my initial assessment – what better offering – if you have ever foraged for mushrooms you know they are a) hard to find b) fickle, some years they are there, some they are not c) they grow in certain conditions and under certain trees, different mushrooms on different sites – if you are a loyal mushroom lover you will be able to meet them again and again in the same site, if however, you walk through the forest with your cell phone on and your focus elsewhere, you will never find any…I love the fact that Francesca chose to serve mushrooms, and I am sure the recipe is divine. Please go and read all about it and enjoy the photos by talented husband Stefano

The Dinner Party Collective

A mushroom soup is such a great dish to start your party with. It can be made ahead of time, it’s very easy to pull together and it gives your table that effortless and yet sophisticated touch that any dinner should have. The mushrooms’ delicious aroma pervades the air of your home and your guests immediately know that they are in for a very special treat.

This dish is the perfect starter that will help you set the tone of your dinner, creating that magical atmosphere (along with wine glasses and colorful cocktails, of course!) when your guests get to be cheerful and relaxed and have a good time.

Hope you and your guests will enjoy it as much as my family and friends do!

Francesca Xx

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5 thoughts on “Cremini Mushroom Soup | Winter Menu | Appetiser

  1. Both Francesca and Stefano are brilliant and I too love that she chose mushrooms. Comparing Francesca to a fine red wine was written so beautifully I think you captured her and her lovely spirit perfectly.

  2. Thank you so much, Poli! So very kind of you! Now, to be completely honest with you, I did not exactly “chose” mushrooms. Let’s rather say that mushrooms found their way to me! 😜
    However, your description is so thoughtful and well put that I’ll pretent mushrooms was my first and only choice! 😘

    • Aha the mushrooms found you – you didnt find the mushrooms – oh well, i will pretend too then, and it can be our virtual secret! Mushrooms found you because it was winter menu and you were limited? What else were you thinking of, pretty sure I can find a story to match (potatoes – grow underground 🙂 – but not quite as nice a story as the mushrooms!

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