Sunday hike – Black Forest – Präg

IMG_8284We spent Sunday at the art fair in actual fact, but copyright concerns, hamper me in putting pictures online, even when they are of random people and not of art-work, so instead I want to share a photograph of the Black Forest – a one hour drive from us there is some wonderful hiking to be, meadows full of wild flowers, wild strawberries and iris in bloom, it’s a beautiful  respite from the stresses of day to day. The above photo was taken in Präg, Todtnau (about as far away from Prague as you can get despite the similarity in the name) – 5 glaciers converged here during the ice-age – resulting in a fascinating landscape. And you can get some really good black forest cake here too…


7 thoughts on “Sunday hike – Black Forest – Präg

      • Oh please! I just remember my son eating his way through several children’s Schnitzel every day. Oh, and the world’s biggest cuckoo clock!

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