Surf – Ogunquit Maine

DSC_7254I love the sea – only from the land,  mind you, but looking out into always fills me with a sense of awe


6 thoughts on “Surf – Ogunquit Maine

    • Hi Suzanne I haven’t read the stand, I will look it up, thank you for bringing it to my attention, it really is very beautiful especially in the village center and by the ocean

      • I do like Stephan King (the less disturbing novels anyway, the others give me nightmares, and I disliked IT I did read it but was irritated the whole way through, pet Cemetary gave me nightmares, recently read Joe Hill (his son, good, but also disturbed) – SK is of course and enviably excellent effective writer, however, some of his vividly written stories kept making my mind ask itself what drugs he was on while writing, I guess I am more pedestrian that way. But I will look up the Stand (and I do have SK’s books on how to write and how to write novels..) thanks for recommending happy Sunday

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