17 thoughts on “Ogunquit Maine – bench series

    • yes I know – I had to download a Photoshopping program to take part…so wasn’t massively adventurous this time round – would have loved to make it an expressionist bench beach scene but that’s beyond my current abilities .) – so oldy wordly it was – which actually fits new England pretty well 🙂 – happy to join in thank you!

    • kind of you – I felt a bit unadventurous but next time round I’ll expand my experiments – I liked it too though, makes me want to sit down in a time where everything was slower

      • Our first camera was a second hand SLR and we were famous for our accidental double exposures when we forget to advance the film. funny. I like digital a whole lot more– don’t have to fret about how many pictures we’re taking and don’t have to wait til they come back from the developers to see a picture turned out badly, when it’s too late for a retake!

      • hi Rhonda – agree I like digital too – although I end up with loads of photos and I then have problems getting myself to delete…

    • thanks so much ! felt a bit pedestrian compared to the other offerings, but it was the best I could do at short notice, and I dont have a photoshop program just iphoto for minor changes

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