5 minute salad – sorrel leaves, figs, blueberries and prosciutto di parma

IMG_0838 Simple lunch salad – serves 2 with a crusty baguette and some french goat’s cheese

  • salad leaves – baby greens for example would be nice
  • cucumber slices
  • carrots peeled and sliced
  • figs peeled and quartered
  • blueberries a handful
  • handful of shredded sorrel leaves
  • prosciutto di parma
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • vinegar of your choice
  • cherry tomatoes

Layer everything in a salad bowl finish with the prosciutto, which I don’t really like, so I let my friends eat that and I eat the green stuff. Drizzle with wonderful quality extran virgin olive oil, my preference is for tuscan, and some vinegar if you like. Grind some salt over the top and serve with a baquette, some goat’s cheese, I like soft goat’s cheese with an ash coating, and cold water or a glass of cold white of your choice. And if you need dessert – top left strawberries, crΓ¨me fraiche, and stewed rhubarb, half mixed with creme fraiche, half au naturel, layered in a bowl really makes for a great after. I will post a recipe on this at some point, I hope… IMG_0842


12 thoughts on “5 minute salad – sorrel leaves, figs, blueberries and prosciutto di parma

  1. Oops– Suzanne said what I was thinking– it looks like a lovely meal all by itself– just a sturdy chunk of bread and some wine (which you would know how to supply!)– Beautiful.

    • thanks Rhonda – it’s so hot at the moment that salads are what I am focusing on most, with a glass of wine here and there, curious as I am right now about wine, I need to make sure we don’t try too many !

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