Sunday hike in Switzerland – from Langenthal to Melchnau – scrollathon..

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Green fields and rolling wheat…..


 A gentle meander through rolling farmland and pine forests, a walk in the Oberaargau from Langenthal to Melchnau – it was a very hot day – and this being  a farming environment the restaurants are not afraid of cream in very copious quantities – this is not the place to ask for gluten-free nor lactose free, nor soya anything. It’s the land of milk and cream, cheese and steak, and hard work in the fields. At the end of the hike we found the bus stop, thanks to two ladies wearing traditional folkloric attire, sat in a restaurant and had an iced coffee, which is basically copious amounts of icecream topped with very yellow whipped cream, I opted out of having it doused in kirsch…



25 thoughts on “Sunday hike in Switzerland – from Langenthal to Melchnau – scrollathon..

  1. How beautiful, and I mean the ice coffee too. The farmland looks like it could be in the US, it’s so green and there is so much open space it’s wonderful. Really people walk around in folkloric attire. Thats amazing.

  2. Beautiful. Will definitely put this on my list of places I want to visit. The green rolling hills look like an amazing place for a hike…and some dessert!. Thanks for sharing.

    • yes but I am alive to tell the tale, and as it’s now on the blog I will be able to find out where I had it in the future, I use my blog a lot that way. for recipes and directions, happy monday

  3. What a sumptuous collection of pictures!! so inviting– and the promise of cream– wish I could retrace your steps. I think it’s funny that Suzanne (east coast girl) commented how this could be U.S. farmland. All our farms are dry as a bone in CA. I like yours better! thanks for the fun virtual-trek!

    • Hi Rhonda
      I was thinking of you when I posted, not quite Bern but similar landscapes thought it might remind you of when you were here. Drought drought drought of course and California probably never looks like Switzerland regardless of how much water you get – happy Monday Polli

      • I do love love all that green– it seems so fresh and vital. And you are so right. We really live in a desert and would have no green at all if weren’t for all the irrigation from the Colorado River.

      • as long as there is some water it’s ok. on another blog I wrote that someone had just moved to SoCal – orange county and was really excited, someone else from California commented, anyone who has been here for any amount of time it trying to get away from the drought…interesting!

    • Dear Anne 🙂 – I have always been very partial to the English countryside with it’s rolling hills hawthorne hedges and crumbling stone walls – depending on where you are – however, there is a special beauty to Swiss farmland too, even though it has taken me to get to a certain age to see it! I am glad that I have led you to have a look at Switzerland as a hiking destination, there is a lot of variety to see here – if you let me know what type of landscapes you like I can suggest some places for you to look at!

      • I see – funnily enough now that you have said it, I realise it’s true for me too, interesting to realise. Must be why I enjoyed the walk so much, there is still a human element there!

    • Pretty isn’t it – but I know that your continent has landscape wonders all it’s own that we can only dream of here – although I imagine that it’s more stark and impressive than classically pretty. Dousing of Kirsch – hm no – the cream was quite enough!

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