On the Rigi in Switzerland – the July bench challenge

IMG_8624Last Friday I went up a mountain (by cog railway train if you wondering) – I seem to have been doing a lot of going up mountains, on hikes etc. in the past months, and I conclude that there is no better activity to clear your thoughts. On the Rigi I came across this wonderful bench – still very much a tree trunk – which is unusual in itself, however,  the reason I decided this was a valid contribution to the July bench challenge was – location, location, location! Ladies and gentleman, there are few landscapes as soothing and inspiring as this one where a bench has been kindly placed upon which to rest your (tired if you walked up the mountain) derriere!


16 thoughts on “On the Rigi in Switzerland – the July bench challenge

    • Hey Jude – there I was wondering – is this an acceptable bench for the “bench with odd details challenge” – I am glad you have found it to be acceptable! Regarding the cog railway, well it is lovely but somehow there is much satisfaction to be gained by walking…..

      • The ‘rules’ are quite flexible, so don’t worry! Going up a mountain is much more than ‘walking’ in my opinion 😀

      • Last time I walked up a mountain that I can remember I was overtaken by an 80 year old with headphones jogging . it was a humbling experience because it was a hot morning, early, the route ziggzagged up the mountain through rocks large and small AND it was really very steep – AND there was more than one jogger who ran past me…

    • walking around with nonna di giulia and nonno means that we were moving at such a slow pace I have loads of time to soak in the environment :)! it was very pretty indeed

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