Monday trip to Milano – Gotthard pass


Ok actually this was a Sunday drive two weekends ago – we drove to Milan and back in a day – had lunch on the lakeside in lovely Beckenried.

IMG_8728Nonna di Giulia and Nonno, pictured above in the shop of a village friend, whom they hadn’t seen in 40 years, as he has settled down just across the Swiss border, needed a lift down South, and so we drove them. In order to avoid the inevitable traffic jam at the St Gotthard tunnel (if you are into engineering at all check out the information on this tunnel) we took the scenic route across the pass.

IMG_8747 IMG_8755 IMG_8757 IMG_8759And after dropping them off at Giulia’s house we immediately went to a restaurant I love in Saronno (the place Amaretto di Saronno comes from) Scibui.

After crossing the glass panel in the floor that shows you the wine cellar:

IMG_8778 IMG_8776

we had a simple tuna tartare and a glass of fiano (and water for the driver) before getting back in the car and driving back North to colder climes – current temperatures in Switzerland are around 35°C with manageable humidity, in Milan the thermometer is hitting 40° C and it is very humid too…. we were glad to go back North, although today my neighbour had set up about 8 umbrellas in her garden to protect the plants from the sun….


12 thoughts on “Monday trip to Milano – Gotthard pass

    • it was a lovely trip, it’s funny how a 9 hour drive can end up being relaxing and clearing your head for the work week to come – mainly due to the landscapes we drove through of course, but still! thanks for stopping by I always appreciate hearing from you

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