Grace Spitfire in the evening sky at Hatfield battleproms UK

IMG_8983We went to a very interesting event the Battle Proms at Hatfield house – classical music, cannons, equestrian displays, lots and lots and lots of flag waving, perfect picnic courtesy of Marks and Spencer and Sainsbury – bubbly and hula hoops and a spitfire display choreographed to music – although I am too young to have experienced WW II, the sound of the spitfire conjured up movie memories and combined with the music – thinking of those brave men who flew in those tiny propeller planes – for their country and for the freedom of Europe, made me feel deeply grateful and emotional. It was an amazing event especially because my parents were there to share it with me – a birthday gift to my mother.


8 thoughts on “Grace Spitfire in the evening sky at Hatfield battleproms UK

    • πŸ™‚ – is it really, no wonder you have wonderful views of fields and grass and cows and wide open sky! I was in actual fact in St Albans – took my parents there for my mums birthday – close to you – lucky lucky woman to live in that area, so beautiful, I love it there

    • Hi Rhonda – she did indeed, I took her to England as a surprise – she only found out at the airport and we ended up going to a hotel she had dreamed about for years, because she was there as a young woman, but I didn’t realise, I used to go there for work a lot and like it too, but she didn’t know, πŸ™‚ funny quirks of fate, eh? So it was a wonderful trip! thanks for commenting Poli

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