BlogI have been brainstorming spring, all by myself, as I plan a main course for spring for the (The) Dinner Party Collective (TDPC) spring dinner. Currently I am sitting in a country that is in the middle of a 35°C heatwave, which is not conducive to a) spring thoughts b) thinking very much at all – and so I thought why not branch out and get some input from all of you avid eaters and food bloggers out there. So this is a “blogstorm” instead of a brainstorm:

The task for you reader is – list all those things that for you are symbols of spring – colours, scents, flavours, foods, plants, herbs, doesn’t have to be edible I am looking for your associations – might even be bird song, green petals, the neighbours cat lying in the sun – your imagination shall not be limited in any way. I want to take all your inputs and hopefully they will flow into my menu creation.

Ideally write a little post, a story, post a picture, a photo, a drawing, a recipe, whatever you associate with spring. Post the post your on your site, link to this post and blog so I can find your thoughts – go on inspire a menu!

Any inputs that end up being inspiring and being used in the menu will be attributed to the contributing blogger and mentioned either here and I’ll post a link back to you.

Why all this effort you might think, well those of you haven’t heard about the the dinner party collective yet, do go check it out, here. Margot’s brainchild was recently featured on hot off the press too.



    • Oh Suzanne 🙂 – more power to you, that is an even bigger challenge then, thanks so much for your faith in the outcome much appreciated – your comment reminds me I need to see how Nando is doing with his wheels, I hope really well..and that I havent missed anything

  1. Can I throw in some ideas whilst i think of them? For me spring is about renewal and freshness, about colour, and growth, and coming out of hibernation. About lifting my head from the cold winter winds and embracing the sunshine. About seeing new green shoots poking their heads through the frost..
    You’ve got me all poetic now!

  2. Spring for me is birds building nests, trees budding out and plants springing from the earth, first hesitantly and then with vigor, and sometimes through snow. The sunshine is still a bit week and the evenings still cool. To cold for a swim but a return to the beach.

  3. spring for me is being able to sit outside, gardening, babies (we have birds, armadillos, deer, bunnies, racoons, and possums), including swallows that come to their nests every year on April 7th, and that first strawberry.

    • Ah Anatoli – I am now heading into that phase best characterized by stop prevaricating and Just Do it! Thanks for your tips I will read your spring menu tasting post, post haste!

      • Yep, I agree. However, I forgot another good source of ideas – Pinterest. If you will search there for the “spring + food” or similar, you will get an ideas galore 🙂

      • !! I am having an amazing time working on chart visualization……I suspect that my enthusiasm and decision speed in the kitchen will profit from the experience – oh to look at pretty pictures without having to make them yourself. Pininterest here I come. Making beautiful charts, is a bit like being asked to cook a 4 star Michelin recipe with bread and water (making pretty charts is for me 🙂

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