There are results or excuses not both – Scandalous rolls and before and after photos

  IMG_9275Before and after baking….Looking at a fitness instructors website last night – I read the title sentence – it was the header of a text in which BMI and percent fat and water figured, he was talking about ingredients, efforts and outcomes, yes,  but he wasn’t talking about recipes. I was reminded that I started out planning a fitness quest in December 2014, contacted personal trainers, tried 2 gyms  and then various things happened – dislocated shoulder (not mine no),  weddings, travel, work, travel, really hot weather, humid, and so what with one excuse and another the desired results  beyond recipes are still in the “planning stage” although I do use my e-bike.. more. While I mull over this thought and plan a trip to Cyprus, coming up shortly, I bring you some photos of something I baked from Signe Johansens Scandilicious baking book – I used 100% wholemeal spelt flour (that is all I had, oooh an excuse..) and  I am under no illusion that this makes them a healthy treat of course, but they are quite yummy. I prefer the filling with cardamom, instead of the cinnamon in the butter, but other than that these are good. Switzerland has many rolled bun recipes too, maybe I will post one one of these days! Anyhow the buns were lovely, I made 2 lots out of one dough recipe. While I have a nice morning coffee and a bun I am mentally reactivating the fitness plan. Happy Sunday all.


Before nicely risen and doughy…


IMG_9277After: Amazing what an oven can do to firm you up!

19 thoughts on “There are results or excuses not both – Scandalous rolls and before and after photos

  1. What a delicious Sunday trea Poli! I have a Swedish friend who recently made similar buns to these and shared them with me… so soft, fragrant and very moreish! I’m keen to make a batch of my own in the near future, so might email you soon for advice!

    • soft yummy and moreish and it seem like you are at the source for tips if you have a Swedish friend down there – I have to say using part spelt flour makes the buns softer – and you can use wholemeal spelt or regular – a trademark of Signes Johansens baking but it is worth emulating in some recipes – still need to go check that post on TDPC – it’s been busy

  2. These look heavenly Poli– It’s been so hot around here, I haven’t been baking much, but this makes me want to get out the yeast… they look so homey and inviting.
    and P.S.– what on earth is an e-bike??

    • wise of you it’s been hot here too, but not in the last 4 days, when it’s really hot I agree you don’t want to go near an oven! Aha an e-bike-it’s a bike with a small engine that enhances your pedaling which means that if you go to work on it you arrive looking wonderful not hot and flustered and it also helps me up the hill ( i have to cycle up a big one to get home) – but I still need to pedal – only not as much – better than taking the car even so!

      • cool! maybe it’s like the motorized bikes I’ve seen in China– You’re so intrepid, riding a bike to work!! I take my car for my 1 mile commute and then come and walk in the park for exercise. (does that make sense?)

      • Hi Rhonda – raleigh electrobicycle – I cannot remember seeing any in China but I was there years ago . time flies. Well if I take the bike it takes me 15 minutes, by car its 30 minutes (all those red lights and the traffic jams don’t hold up a motivated and impatient cyclist) – also I get a bit of exercise – and there is no parking anywhere here- maximum parking time is 1 hour unless you have special permits, so you can either cycle or take the bus. Agree driving to work for 1 mile seems mad and to then walk in the park, however, in the US cycling on the roads is suicidal, as most drivers are not used to cyclists

  3. Came over looking for a bench (category) and found delicious cinnamon buns instead. Oh.Dear. I used to bake these a lot when I had hungry kids at home, I don’t bake at all now. But I don’t mind having one of yours with my coffee, sitting on a bench, of course 😀

  4. Clearly I resemble the ‘after’ pictures more than the before, that’s after rising, not after exercise 😉
    Good luck with the good intentions!

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