Competitive basil bush – Cyprus – a gardener’s lament

imageI grow basil, hyssop, tomatoes, chilis, thyme, oregano, sage and majoram,  I have a small peach tree and a large amount of agretti – while I am adept enough at growing things, I look at the plants here and want to throw things out of the pram I vacated so many years ago, firm in the knowledge, that however many seedlings I receive from illicit cuttings – be they from egypt, italy, grenada, cyprus – while the mother plants grow like mutants their children just don’t do as well in Northern climes..  Boo hoo…if you are a gardener too, you will no doubt know how I feel.


10 thoughts on “Competitive basil bush – Cyprus – a gardener’s lament

  1. I know how you feel! As a kid, I loved to grow avocado trees from the stones, just for the sheer fun of it. This Summer I saw my first avocado tree. What a shock.
    As for basil, it just dies a slow and painful death in my waterlogged, sun-deprived London backyard. Good to see that the relatives in Cyprus are doing just fine!

    • Hi Rhonda – it is a monster bush – and you are as so often wise and right – I like being surrounded by green trees and grass, I like the fact that I can pop across the border to see other countries – insular living not for me! Although it’s a great place for a visit

      • When we lived in southern Spain, I remember traveling to points north in the summer (to escape the heat and scorched countryside) and I loved soaking up the green and lush growth in Switzerland and Germany. Now we live in drought ridden So California. Maybe that’s why I remember Switzerland so fondly. -and why I enjoy all your day out pictures so much! xo

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