Ignore the danger of advertising in a foreign language at your peril…

IMG_9829Unfortunately, now that the English language is ubiquitous, increasingly,  companies are writing their advertising texts in inadvertently funny English, or mixed English and German. An example of the former is the ad I recently spotted on a car in Germany.  I am assuming they wanted to say body-paint? Or maybe there is a customer segment that is being targeted: pain junkies who also love body art?  cannot exclude this possibility, I don’t know enough about either customer group, but people being people, I am pretty sure the target group described above exists. However,  it does seem much more likely, that the word they were wanting is paint, not pain. Unfortunate.If I was a customer I’d be wondering, if the owners are more detail-focused when they are doing body-art or sterilizing their equipment…..

24 thoughts on “Ignore the danger of advertising in a foreign language at your peril…

    • Anne – I love your sense of humour 🙂 – you are right, it is probably a true description, maybe they are just honest tattoo artists and I am being unfair? Perish the thought 🙂

  1. I think body pain sounds like an accurate name for the business. Some want and appreciate pain I think and who knows maybe they are seeking customers who subscribe to that life style. I just saw you checked out their site and they are into pain. No thanks.

    • After all wise feed back starting with pragmatic Ann, I did decide to be fair, I needed to check the site to see if I had got it wrong…and they did indeed mean to write pain…ah well. Shows you how little imagination I have on this front..

    • Hey Johnny, you know what, after Ann commented that she was pretty certain, pain was the word they were looking for, I checked out their website, goth writing and loads of very painful looking tattoos…and something called the Painbook – where you can add photos of your tattoos….hm – Live and learn eh?

    • well and to be honest – translating from Chinese to English is a challenge 🙂 – the culture is so so different, I love the way hotel brochures and guest welcome letters translate to English from Chinese – have photos somewhere…..

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