Why I love to have friends over…..


Obviously having friends visit from far off lands is wonderful because you spend time together, however tech savvy we become, nothing replaces being in the same place as people you care about and sharing time with them. Additional perks, I get to introduce local breweries and restaurants, walks and  vistas and to introduce my visitors  to more of my friends – oh and of course I get to cook for them and share wonderful wine bottles…Another reason why visitors are wonderful, like the three kings they come bearing gifts, of course they would be welcome giftless too, it’s not the price I care about of course, what i love is being surprised by new things. Recent visitors, happy newly wed Mr and Mrs Perfect Couple, and beloved friends of ours, recently stayed with us, they had so many gifts i started to suspect they’d hidden a cornucopia in their room :). A particularly thoughtful gift above, because Mr Perfect Couple had to think of us in Japan and then bring the biscuits from Japan via the  US to Switzerland – came beautifully wrapped Japanese style and the box was also pretty. Crisp biscuit sandwiched together with whitechocolate – dainty, delicate and delicious.. Nobody combines quality and aestetics quite like the Japanese  ( excepting the Swiss watch imdustry).



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