Market day in Germany


I love markets in the autumn, although really at the end of November it’s almost winter.


The colours, the scents, the myriad, creative ways that people decorate their stands, the offerings of home-made jams and jellies, freshly made egg-nog and hot pumpkin soup with warm bread.


It reminds me of the harvest festival decorations in church when I was young, a festival not celebrated as such in Switzerland or Germany, but one which I always loved, the reason for celebration being so tangible and beautiful. It has been a long time since I last visited Angie and friends over at the Fiesta Friday party, but today I think I shall bring them images of markets from far afield, and inspiration for the kitchen. Not quite a recipe, but hopefully some inspiration.


21 thoughts on “Market day in Germany

  1. Welcome to Fiesta Friday and thank you for enlightening us with your colorful post. Market Day in Germany sure looks like a feast for the eyes, love the pumpkin lady, or at least I think she’s a lady :). Enjoy the weekend and the Fiesta ๐Ÿ™‚

    • oohhhh – christmas soon – I know – finished up a tough bit of work last week and felt all christmassy, started looking through baking books to decide what to make, but now it’s monday again and of course the next tough bit of work awaits – it’s all I can do not to work on the weekends…lovely to hear from you – look forward to baking updates, I made muffins last night, they were very nice indeed

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