The joys of Christmas – baking together

According to a newspaper article I read recently there are 4 stages of consumerism: 1) infancy – where all things bling are best – and brand labels are large 2) adolescence – less bling, focus more on products with a unique story – ( i had this bike custom-made for me because..) – products that tell people who you are and what you believe in –  fitness and sustainable lifestyle in the case of the bike 3) adulthood – you already own everything and only want selected products, you focus on less is more 4) seniority: you focus on sharing an experience – nice dinner, cooking courses, going on hikes etc. I apparently am solidly in stage 4… and this past holiday season my sister and I spent a day in the kitchen making cookies and drinking tea. We hardly ever see each other and it was a great way to spend time together. Add to that that she lives in a lovely place with a view of a lake, and it was like being on holiday. We made mince pies ( bought the filling from Harrods last Xmas and made the dough according to the great british bake-off book – I will never eat a shop bought mince pie again). I especially love the small size, the crust to filling ratio is perfect.

We made Basler Brunsli using my grand-mother Alices recipe:

And I experimented with a cookie with orange rind, orange juice, almonds, cointreau etc. and icing it with icing sugar and prange juice, amazing.Poli’s orange cookies:

15 thoughts on “The joys of Christmas – baking together

  1. I happily join you in that seniority stage 😄 I have no requirement for ‘things’, my only ever wish is for time with my boys ❤️
    Your baking looks lovely xx I hope you’ve had a great Christmas, and happy new year!

    • The best – we rarely see each other which made it really special. My next door neighbour (age 60) and his siblings and kids get together each Christmas to bake cookies – its a tradition – thry then give the neighbours little gift baggies which are always happily received! Great tradition for all concerned! Happy new year Poli

  2. Hi Poli! Sounds like the best kind of baking day with your sister. My sis moved to Kosovo and i especially miss her at Christmas! We had a long New Year morning Skype talk with morning. I totally agree that the time with the people you love are the best gifts of Christmas!!

    • Hi Frau -or should I say Frugal :)! happy frugal new year – hope all is well. Year end was busy workwise and havent been posting much for weeks so sadly you haven’t missed much….hope you had a good start to 2016 and may it bring you joy, calm and satisfaction – Poli

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