Relaxed approach to the New Year

imageThere I was at my desk working (I have a wonderful desk that allows me to change the height, so I don’t sit all day) – I get tired, consider sitting, and there, behind me, on the chair is the cat. What a great, relaxed, and obviously guilt-free start to the New Year. I would love to be a cat!


9 thoughts on “Relaxed approach to the New Year

    • naturally, what’s yours is his and if it’s comfy it’s definitely his….mine was a stray in barcelona and came from a rescue shelter – I cannot imagine how he ever managed to survive on the streets I suspect he only did it for a very short time before charming someone to take him…

      • True 1) pet me 2) feed me 3) random complaining miaou…could mean anything 4) you are working too much let me sit on the papers you are studying 5) I just got in at 4am and feel like a snack, also want to say hello, and I am a bit wet so a cuddle might be nice…..reincarnation of the Russian tsarist family..I finally realise there is royalty in the house after all..

  1. lol! My Homer is the same. You know what they say, If you feed a dog, brush a dog, care for a dog and shower a dog with affection, they think you’re a god. If you feed a cat, brush a cat, care for a cat and shower a cat with affection, they think they’re a god. And rightfully so…

    Why is it my dog looks to me for more food when his food dish is empty and my cat complains when it’s only NEARING the bottom?!!!

    • not godlike enough?? or they think seeing as you are all seeing all knowing and and all powerful you should get your act together and have it all sorted ahead of time? My cat complains so much that I ignore him often during the day, sometimes indeed, his bowl is empty too, he has even eaten the last crumbles of dry food at the bottom (or almost all of them) – which is very unusual. However, generally he complains early enough to ensure the well never runneth dry……we love them though right?

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