Friday Fountain Photo Challenge


Inspired by Jude’s last year bench photo challenge  I have decided to host a fountain photo challenge.  Like benches, there are so many different fountains – from the artistic, to the functional, large, small or hidden fountains. After seeing the wonderful world of global benches I am calling for photos of fountains. Please take part, I’d love to experience and share fountains from all around the world. For more information on the challenge visit the Fountain Photo Challenge page at the top of my blog. To kickoff I am sharing a Swiss water trough fountain with you. The theme of February and March – are natural fountains found in gardens or on walks. The water trough fountain above is of the type found all over Switzerland, the water is potable, so you can fill your water bottle while on a long hike through the countryside.


7 thoughts on “Friday Fountain Photo Challenge

  1. Thanks for the invitation Polianthus. What a great idea (I actually have toyed with a fountain challenge myself as I am always taking photos of them). Have you added it to the WordPress Events? You might get more people contributing if you do. It is easy to add the challenge information.
    I’m a bit busy moving this month, but if I get a chance I will look for a fountain to post and link to you and I wish you lots of fun with the challenge 🙂
    Jude xx

    • great advice thanks a lot Jude 🙂 – I see that like you with the bench idea the fountain idea is already out there, which means there will be more photos to look at hopefully!

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