The kitchen God’s wife’s salad or lazy widow’s salad …canellini beans with fresh dill, tuna, red turkish peppers and cherry tomatoes


This is inspired by  Marianne, who thanked me for posting simple recipe suggestions fitting for a lazy widow. After mulling it over I had to admit she had a point…. I’d like to think also however, that some of the recipes are good enough to satisfy a kitchen God  too (if you haven’t read the book the Kitchen God’s wife by Amy Tan, you really should, I digress, I know). Anyhow, canellini beans are delicious with tuna, dill and cherry tomatoes, admittedly as I used tinned products, there was no  prep time, and the great thing is, if you make enough, the salad gets even better if you keep the leftovers in the fridge overnight and eat the rest for lunch the next day. Above and below is my lunch on the day after I made it. I admit to leafing through high carb foods in Gourmet cookbook while eating lowish carb lunches (no that isn’t a piece of bread you can see sitting there between the cookbook and the bowl..). Am I the only person who does that?


And then below dinner the night before:

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The salad is

  • Delicious
  • Nutritious
  • Simple
  • Easy
  • Healthy
  • Keeps well

“Recipe” serves 2 for dinner with enough leftover for one for lunch….(active time in kitchen if you are handy with a tin opener 10 -15 minutes?)

  • You will need about 2 cups canned cannelini beans (rinse before use).
  • 1 tin approx. 250g tuna (make sure you get tuna that was sustainably fished) – I buy it in oil, the taste is just miles better. Drain the oil before using though, obviously.
  • 1 yellow skinned onion chopped, 4-5 turkish red peppers, deseeded and chopped (you can use regular, the turkish ones are just nice and pointy so you get lovely decorative rings in your salad.
  • Dill fronds – shredded, chopped etc. Ideally into small bits, but depends on how patient you are. About 5-6 fronds.
  • Handful of cherry tomatoes if you have some lying around the fridge that need eating (if I hadn’t had any I wouldn’t have thought to add them though)
  • Salt
  • 1-2 US tablespoons (15ml each) of sherry vinegar (sounds a bit fancy, but once you have had sherry vinegar on your tuna I defy you to use anything else) – to taste – make sure you add enough though. Taste as you go. Does anyone cook any other way? You might need to add more. Don’t be too cautious. The vinegar cuts through the tuna oiliness and marries the onions to the canellini beans.
  • Rapeseed oil – about 1 tablespoon max. If you want to add oil, you can just leave it out too, if you use tuna that was preserved in oil (or other neutral tasting oil, I wouldn’t recommend olive and I don’t like the tasted of sunflower and rapeseed doesn’t taste of much)
  • Freshly ground black pepper, preferably not too finely ground
  • To serve: Some organic salad leaves. Ever since I switched to buying organic vegetables I have not had to throw any away any more, the price when you buy might be higher, but the vegetables make up for it by surviving longer in the fridge, i.e. less waste)

Mix all the ingredients, apart from the organic salad leaves. If you are not starving and have some time, let the salad marinate for 30 minutes and then spoon onto the organic salad leaves  which you have placed ready on 2 plates.

Voila 🙂


15 thoughts on “The kitchen God’s wife’s salad or lazy widow’s salad …canellini beans with fresh dill, tuna, red turkish peppers and cherry tomatoes

  1. Oh yes, beans and tuna are perfect together! Love the other ingredient suggestions too. And these salads are both satisfying, healthful, and fresh. Delicious!

  2. These flavours are perfect together Poli… such a healthy and happy looking salad! Love these ideas that can put together in minutes, yet taste amazing too. Hope you’ve been well my friend, I’ve been struggling somewhat to keep up with blogging lately, so heartfelt apologies for not having stopped by recently. M.xx

    • Hi Margot, how lovely to read you, I have stopped by your blog, but seen that you haven’t been posting much, as you mentioned in December we were all struggling a bit – I have only just started posting again and haven’t visited all my favourite blogs in a while either. I know how it is. No worries. Thanks for making it today and thanks for the lovely comments Poli

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