Fountain Series # 2 – fountains in gardens



Welcome to the second week of the fountain challenge. I did wonder whether picking friday as my posting day was entirely wise, and as I sit in my car in Zuerich – rain pattering on sun roof and type this post on an iPhone because my beautiful computer cannot recognise  my iPhones hotspot I am reminded of this. However, it is Friday, the day I post my second fountain challenge fountain. And it is a beauty. The mosaic fountain in Zurich. Found today. Never seen it before. Great where a fountain challenge will lead you!


Remember March fountains are all about fountains in parks, gardens or found on hikes. This one is in the arboretum right on the lake in Zurich. If it was a bit warmer than 6 degrees a stroll outside would have been great.


I was very happy when NowAtHome posted the first contribution to the fountain challenge. Please do go and have a look at her submission click here to find her fountain.

If you want to join in all you have to do is check out the instruction page at the top of my  blog. In brief – take a photo of a fountain – add the title fountain challenge, ideally share a bit of info on the fountain, tag fountain challenge, add ping back to this blog or link in a comment and hey presto… ( I’m still on that iPhone can you tell??…)


Ps if you can avoid it i recommend not posting on an iphone – and please note that this post comes to you courtesy of Marriott free wifi…


21 thoughts on “Fountain Series # 2 – fountains in gardens

    • Hi restless Jo – i know wher e you are coming from – when i started the challenge i knew i had loads of pics now i remember some got lost on harddrive crashes and some got lost on memory sticks 🙂 i now drive round with my eyes open and the internet really helps :to find good photo subjects – do post if you find your photos Poli

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