March: Wildlife in the Garden – Red Admiral Butterfly

Red Admiral Germany

Another year, another challenge. How did I overlook this one? The wonderful Jude has launched a garden photography challenge – I am joining in again. I enjoy looking at others photographs and also  I realise that as I walk through my environment and consider subjects for photographs, I see things with new eyes discovering new elements in familiar places. Today I walked through the city looking for fountains,  I discovered some I’d walked past without really seeing them so many times. I also walked along roads I usually drive on, mainly when rushing from a to b, the slower pace  of walking along allowed me to really see my environment, it was wonderful. This months motto is wildlife in gardens. This is obviously not a winter photo – it was taken in October 2015 in the vineyards in neighbouring Germany (Tüllingen).


17 thoughts on “March: Wildlife in the Garden – Red Admiral Butterfly

  1. Lovely butterfly Poli – like you I find the photo challenges make you look more closely at your surroundings. I’ve been using mainly archive images so far this year and I shall be glad to get out and take some new photos as the weather improves. And I have to say, reading your comments, that soya omelette sounds gross!

    • 🙂 Hi Jude – the omelette really was a disaster….so much for trying to get high protein meals (by subbing soya flour..) meals need to taste good too as far as I am concerned, just being healthy doesn’t do it for me..

      • I quite agree. An omelette stuffed with mushrooms and cheese or goat’s cheese and herbs or Spanish omelettes (made with whatever leftovers I have lying around) do it for me. I reckon lots of good fish or meat with loads of veggies is the way to go (but I do like pasta and baked potatoes – groan….)

      • Hey jude agree on all counts 🙂 (also on baked potatos)…. On that note healthy meals … Many greetings from heathrow terminal 3 – avoid at all costs – sitting on a plane and looking forward to a very nice meal – long flights require some creature comforts to be survivable –

      • Just replied – ipad lost response…. Flew uk – miami – orlando – almost lost the will to live on the way – trip 15 hours door to door – 3 security scans and queues – too many terminals ( ever been in terminal 3 – avoid at all costs..) – long queue at immigration ( despite doing machine check in) – makes me lose the will to live… Bright side – am here now – and there is a botanical garden somewhere – plane food ok (not economy thankfully)

      • Sounds grim. I love new places, but loathe flying these days. Economy best avoided unless necessary! At least you will have some sun there – enjoy!

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