Still cooking -Beetroot salad starter

What with all the fountains and sheep you may well believe I haven’t set foot in my kitchen for ages. You would, of course, be wrong. Last dinner party we had, I served green asparagus spears with homemade mayonnaise,  beetroot salad as a starter, ethiopian inspired spicy beef stew with a version of coconut ugali and Marguerites ricotta tarte to finish. Oh and runny french cheese in the middle. Mixing styles works for me. Yum. And all  very simple. You know sometimes you find that magical ingredient – in this case smoked French garlic, (check it out here at amazon) it has a depth and sweetness to it and is not as harsh as regular garlic.

4 beets orgamic, raw, peel and slice as thinly as you can. Ideally almost translucent, but my knife skills arent up to that.

layer sliced beets in oven proof dish

mix balsamic vinegar ( not your most expensive obviously) with excellent olive oil and 3-4-5 cloves sliced smoked garlic

warm on the stove so the garlic flavour gets into the oil

pour over beets and bake 150 celsius 20minutes – make sure your beets dont cook they need to remain crunchy

mix more garlic, olive oil and balsamic and sali if you like

place slices of beet on 4 plates after draining juices, like a carpaccio

if you have enough juice place in saucepan and concentrate

serve beets liberally dressed with garlic balsamic olive oil dressing

Give everyone white french bread to sop up the sauces

did i say yum?

8 thoughts on “Still cooking -Beetroot salad starter

  1. Poli, sounds very yummy – I like the analogy with carpaccio – have to try it, once it is warm enough outside for me to smoke garlic :). I do have one gripe though – you didn’t mention wine! What wine did you serve with this delicious meal?

    • Hey there Anatoli, lovely to see you here. You are going to smoke your own garlic, wow, what a cook! I have just discovered that Amazon sells it too -in case you wanted to order it :). Aha the wine, the wine is of course, very important. I need to check but if I remember correctly we started with a grüner veltliner to go with the green asparagus and mayonnaise (with a hint of wasabi in it), went on with a Swiss Sauvignon Blanc Malanser – 25 dollars a bottle, expensive, but a great wine – with hints of elderberry blossom, and then moved on with a powerful red to go with the stew (spicy and hot and the coconut polenta) – Mr Polianthus was on wine duty. Not sure I would have picked the sauvignon to go with the beets – but it worked pretty well – what would you have used? Happy Monday, if there is such a day, Poli

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