Ode to True Tiramisu


So here I am in Italy –  revelling in the sunlight,  the sound of the sea, the scent of jasmine in bloom, trees heavy with oranges, excellent “short”  coffee ( why is coffee never as good outside Italy?), mysteriously, funky and delicious bottarga  and stellar tiramisu. After weeks of posting about fountains and eating steamed spinach with lentils and black cardamom ( a great recipe is planned for posting but I haven’t got round to it) , fattoush variations, chickpeas and all things lettuce, I discover I am susceptible to a flirt with new foodstuffs.  Now, of course I will continue my fountain posts, however, this week I am in Italy and therefore expect more things food related. I have always had mixed feelings about the  globalisation of cuisines, mainly because the versions on offer ex- homeland are not up to scratch – and sometines because the bad version is the version most people will ever experience, which is a tragedy. Case in point tiramisu, you can eat it the world over, I’ve had terrible tiramisu more times than I care to count ( hence lentils, lentils and lettuce) and tiramisu is considered a simple dish, and it is, but like most good Italian food it depends on the quality of the ingredients. At its best it’s defined by what you don’t put in it: it’s fresh mascarpone, additive free, no whipped cream, no whipped cream stabilisers, soaked savoiardi biscuits but not soggy, no lemon peel, not too much coffee and don’t make it so you can slice it like a cake. At it’s best it’s a revelation of soft, silky, cool mascarpone, with a teensy sharp bite of cocoa and gentle, cold lightly textured soaked (alcohol or not you pick) biscuits. All ingredients in perfect harmony, the secret is in the balance of the components.   I shared one such tiramisu today, not a lettuce leaf in sight….and  yes that is the sea you spy in the distance :).


16 thoughts on “Ode to True Tiramisu

    • Thank you 🙂 – i am back to being amazed by the vegetables again – im a simple soul. Btw – some of your recent comments were in spam – just found them – thats why no reply….

  1. Hee hee! I’m just about to post a recipe for tiramisu… I wonder if it will live up to your expectations dear Poli? 😉 I’ll note now that it does have some whipped cream added to the mascarpone, so already know that points will be deducted there. Just a tad envious that you’re sitting over there in Italy eating the real thing! M.xx

    • Hello Margot, what fun, a tiramisu recipe, can ‘t wait to see it 🙂 – and of course it’ s a matter of personal preference isn’t it, i suspect you could find Italians who make their tiramisu with whipped cream and swear that’s the only way…. i am, i profess, very much enjoying sitting here eating the real thing though. All the best Poli ( this replaces postcards now I surmise)

      • Right back at you with a crazy haired, wind-driven, scattered autumn leaf postcard from Canberra. I know where I’d rather be right now! 🇮🇹🍷🍝

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