The secret to great Nasturtiums

Buy a house in Liguria ( I checked the property market – it’s a real investment), for nasturtiums get a south facing wall.if it’s not just nasturtiums you want then consider getting a south facing garden with lemons and oranges and flame coloured hibiscus plants, or any garden really, oh and while you are it you might also go for a house with a view….

11 thoughts on “The secret to great Nasturtiums

    • Dear Cynthia πŸ™‚ thank you – I walked past these beautiful houses with terraces facing the ocean, high up on the hillside where there is a pleasant breeze and thought – i could live here part of the year at least – you know when you imagine life with the perfect house, view, landscape and weather combo ( like your own tv series in your head, no work in sight but plenty of homemade brioche, long walks, and friends over for dinner) …which made me check the price tag on that dream πŸ™‚

      • Hi Cynthia – read your post, wrote a long comment and as i was about to click send the ipad shut down …. I laughed as i read your post, its not just me then .. I promise if i ever buy a house down in capri for 5 million upwards ill invite you over, admittedly i dont see that house in my future, it’s so hard to get the right staff nowadays don’t you agree? :)!! My real estate searches are usually limited to prices within range, but i admit i check whenevervi am somewhere inreally like ( hbin wales,

      • Yes, getting the right staff is really the only thing preventing me from acquiring such an estate too! Tee hee… But I shall hold you to your promise, should the staffing issue ever be resolved.

      • πŸ™‚ if there is a palace in my future ill let you know – right now id settle for a bigger car – my large enough car with great eco ratings is proving challenged to swallow all plants, oils, local beans and wines and bags accumulated in the past week – the yellow hibiscus id set my sights on last week was sold when i got to the shop which was just as well …

      • Very likely – good point – very probably I’d fill a bigger car restrictions mean one hibiscus and one wild orange tree less in the luggage – the pistachio liqueur found a space though πŸ™‚ – so no bigger car then!

  1. hey Poli–love nasturtiums! and we must have Liguria-ish weather here because I sprinkled some packets of nasturtium seeds in the front of the house a few years back and they come up and fill the front of the flower bed every spring though summer– so bright and cheerful! Have a glass full of them on the table right now. They grow like weeds. That’s why they survive in my largely untended yard! But you still made me want to travel to Italy! Hope all’s well with you… xo

    • Dear Rhonda, lucky you, they are bright happy and cheerful flowers! I would love to grow them too but here the damp and slugs get them (although no slugs on my balcony) – I just stick with begonias, cannot kill a begonia. Off on another trip tomorrow – this time to the UK! I will think of you πŸ™‚ Poli

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