Fountain challenge # 13 – May animals on fountains – Hanbury gardens, Italy


A sunny day in Liguria, each atom of air transports the battle cry of Spring. The scent of roses in full bloom, a summer flower elsewhere, beguile your senses in May, flowers are abundant, cactus flowers, false jasmine, rambling roses  it’s a miracle of plant life. In  a tribute to the climate geraniums here grow into bushes that make you feel Lilliputian. Once again, if you want to do some good gardening,this is the place to buy a plot of land, you don’t need a large house either, most of the year you can sit in your garden sipping wine and inhaling the heady scent of flowers.

If you too love botanical gardens, and holiday locations with clement weather and  fresh, spectacularly simple, but excellent food, then Liguria is the place for you. If you need some art then you can pop across the border to France and visit the impressive Maeght foundation. This dragon fountain is situated in the Hanbury Gardens in Ventimiglia. I went for my second visit, and it wont be my last. The beauty of gardens is that they change with the seasons and there is always something new to experience.  During my visit earlier in the year, or it may have been late last year,  the sage was in full bloom and the citrus trees were heavy with fruit.  I imagine the garden of Eden might have been very much like these gardens.

As the May theme is fountains with animals or people on or in them, I admit, I am very proud of myself for having found a fountain with a dragon on it and fish and terrapins as well. There was a group of wise, elderly Englishmen there discussing the terrapins, apparently there were two different species in the pond…..I just had them down as turtles, so I am glad my mistake was rectified (through shameless eavesdropping I might add, before someone told me off on the post.) Oh and not only are there dragons and terrapins, no, no, no there are also shy, retiring, Grecian goddesses in a grotto, so exciting!



I highly recommend a trip to visit the gardens (and the nurseries up and down the coast) and ideally seat yourself at a table with Italians and watch them eat, they eat with a joy and abandon and an academic interest in the ingredients, that makes the experience  an absolute pleasure. Eating with a group of Italians recently I felt like I was truly eating for the first time in my life. A revelation. And they don’t seem to indulge in food snobbery either, dining is a shared pleasure, regardless of income or background, I love that.

Quite scary from the front too…

Fountains for May – animals or people on or in fountains, it might be a live animal, like a bird in your garden’s fountain, it might be a stone animal decorating a fountain, once again, share whatever you discover.

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15 thoughts on “Fountain challenge # 13 – May animals on fountains – Hanbury gardens, Italy

    • thank you very much and hello. We had a trebbiano today that had the scent of tiny small ripe bananas, never encountered that in a wine before, very intriguing, makes me think of you now. thanks very much for your contribution, Portugal is lovely, and of course there were fish in the fountain (and the spade slipped honest..:)) No I believe you, well done you!

  1. I can just imagine the joy of eating with other people who love their food and take great interest in what they are actually eating 🙂
    There is a new book out by a lady who had a very bad relationship and history with food, until she married into an Italian family, and their love and appreciation of food taught her a whole new healthy relationship with it. Very interesting!

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