Fountain challenge # 14.1 May Greyhound in a fountain

dog in the fountain


Went for a walk this morning, saw two ladies washing two greyhounds in a fountain. iPhones are useless for surreptitious photography outdoors so I walked up and asked if I can take photo. They asked me”why? so you can report it?” – made me laugh “my response, well that is such a Swiss question” – I told them about the blog, they said sure take a picture of our dog. And then we started chatting and they told me that both greyhounds are rescue dogs, one from Ireland and one from Portugal (I think..) and that once they can no longer race the dogs are usually put down (hanged or doused with gasoline and set on fire, is what they actually said, it was gruesome). So there two puppies are now happily living in Switzerland and enjoying the good life. It’s a Friday feel good story.

fountain bruderholz


15 thoughts on “Fountain challenge # 14.1 May Greyhound in a fountain

    • It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? In Spain, a friend told me, at Easter it was customary, in the village she lives in to throw a lamb from the church tower (I cannot imagine this is true, it doesn’t make any sense really, however she was adamant that is was true..)

      • I can believe it.
        Remember the lamb is the traditional object of sacrifice and was featured in Christian iconography before Jesus began appearing on the cross
        Kate, over at Roughseasinthemed lives in Gibraltar and has recently adopted a Podenco. These are traditional Spanish hunting dogs and when the season is over the fate of many of these beautiful animals is simply too vile to describe, but along similar lines and then some as your Greyhounds .

      • You will be surprised but I replied to this on the day you wrote, and then I checked out Kate’s blog, it makes you want to cry, and adopt a dog and then I told you the long story of my cat ( he is from Madrid, because the Swiss pet shelters wouldn’t give me one back in the day, as I didn’t have a balcony only big windows and 100 square meters floor space, but not deemed sufficient for a cat…) so he was flown in and rescued and hasn’t looked back since the darling. The lamb as a sacrifice I do get, but throwing one off a church tower? That’s barbaric, and probably what Christans deemed barbaric was still a lot more advanced than what was happening in other places at the time the term was coined. Anyway, animal cruelty upsets me, as does cruelty to humans, sadly you come across both quite often if you are attuned to it..

  1. Dreadful stories Poli. As you say cruelty to humans and animals is so upsetting. I see a lot of greyhound rescue dogs here and they make lovely companion dogs and are very gentle with children. Maybe once I quit travelling for good I’ll look into getting one myself. But what a great photo opp for the blog 🙂

    • Hey Jude – agreed, I am also tempted to get a dog, but at that point you do get very tied down, which is difficult. I can hand my cat off to people, a dog less so…

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