Fountain challenge # 15 – June – unusual details on fountains, unusual fountains


Fountain Maeght Foundation

June: fountains with unusual details, or unusual fountains. Fountain at the Maeght Foundation, St Paul de Vence, Riviera, France. Did I mention that apart from art galleries and dried lavender and lavender honey, you can also visit a  lot of Michelin noted (and starred if you prefer) restaurants in that area? 

Welcome,  to June, I hope it is sunny where you are. I met a friend from Southern California today, her first question was “does it EVER stop raining here”. A good question, I went for a walk the other day, and got rained on, I went for a walk the following day, I was a bit cross, I feel like this month has been a month of all work and deadlines. As if to reward me further the heavens opened, and it poured.

Now, I quite like walking in the rain, that said a white cotton T-shirt is not the right gear to walk in, secondly it was pretty cold. We met some very proper ladies who had obviously read the weather report  and were kitted out with macs and umbrellas and boots and looked, dry and happy and warm. One of them looked at us, soaking wet as we were, it poured, we walked for 2 hours and said “Well you’ve had your shower for today…”. Indeed..

The past two days I have been glued to my computer working on stuff and the weather has been pretty good. I did cycle to the city this morning, it was raining, I was wet when I got there. But now I am inside at work, the rain has stopped. Somebody, somewhere has a strange sense of humour.

This month’s fountain, finally, is the Pol Bury fountain, at the Maeght Foudation, St Paul de Vence.

But, enough,  today is fountain day! And I know Jude and TGeriatrix and Kaz and all your other brilliant, dynamic and organised contributors, will have spotted A) that Friday arrived and B) that my post is nowhere to be seen, so here we are!

First though recent submissions: May 20th Jude submitted the poetically named Fountain of the Three Carniolan Rivers, which stands in Ljubljana, Slovenia, so much beauty in so many cities around the world. Jude’s last submission for May is also a beauty taken at Kiftsgate gardens in the Cotswalds. Chava found a lion in the Bronx botanical gardens.  And also submitted a plant overgrown whimsical dinosaur,  Arkenaten submitted the fountain of the seven hidden fishes (but no bread), and Kaz submitted the fountain of life, it’s interesting how sculptors with different nationalities tend to have different styles, I do take note that Judes fountain was sculpted in 1751 and Kaz’ fountain from Mexico is more recent, however, it seems that the Italians have softer rounder shapes in their women, whereas in spanish sculpture there is a gaunt, haunted quality to the statues. For the record I’m a scientist and doctor and loads of other things, very obviously not an art expert, so this is just my observation…based on 2 fountains :)!! Happy Friday.  TGeriatrix shares some frogs this time. Nowathome is back with a the cherub and the leaping fish. And Kaz found two very special fountains, one in Sydney, the Robert Brough memorial fountain, sporting regal black swans and brolgas (yes I’d never heard of them either) and then as if that wasn’t already enough, Kaz also shares the piglet – il porcellino fountain in Sydney. Curious I looked it up and found some more information on Wikipedia. Apparently Il Porcellion is the local Florentine name for the bronze fountain of a boar. Apparently, says Wikipedia, visitors to Il Porcellino put a coin into the boar’s gaping jaws, with the intent to let it fall through the underlying grating for good luck, and they rub the boar’s snout to ensure a return to Florence, which as kept the snout in a state of polished sheen while the rest of the boar’s body has patinated to a dull brownish-green. So question for Kaz is the snout of the Sydney piglet shiny too? Looks like it on the photo.

Please join us as we share fountains from around the world!

Sadly June is just around the corner, half a year has gone, where did it go? So next week the theme changes: the theme for June is unusual details on fountains, unusual fountains. I think we have all seen lots of those, I look forward to your selections!

Create your own post and title it Fountain series June. June fountains are unusual fountains, or fountains with unusual features. I cannot wait to see what you have for me!

Include a link to this page in your post so others can find it too
Add the tag ‘fountain series’ so everyone can find the benches easily in the WP Reader
Get your post in by the end of the month, as the new fountain theme comes out on the first Friday of each month.
You don’t have to post on a Friday. Any day in the month will do. If you have loads of pictures that fit into a theme, feel free to post several times during the month or create a gallery or whatever works best for you.

We have already had some wonderful fountain shares from around the world. 

Please join us as we share fountains from around the world!

29 thoughts on “Fountain challenge # 15 – June – unusual details on fountains, unusual fountains

    • yippee you saw that it moves – I am so happy I figured out how to upload videos to youtube and imbed – wasn’t about to embrace another channel but then figured, the whole point of a fountain is that it’s not static! Dance in the rain? Well I did stop and feed the cows today (by tearing out fresh grass beyond their reach and throwing it over the fence, and I stopped to inhale the scent of fields and poppies after the rain, it’s funny how we can identify all those different scents, and tell whether the earth is dry or wet and what type of earth it is and whether there are flowers and what kinds, and we can tell how long the earth has been wet for, and all of that isn’t something anyone ever really taught us and still we think we are so different from the animals and the world around us. (Yes I had a very good long walk this evening) 🙂 I recommend it heartily!

  1. I am completely out of Fountain Fotos for the moment, other than a stone cherub that sits in a small flowerbed that was once a leaky gold fish pond! and there are none for this particular challenge that come to mind!

    I shall try to make a plan to go for a drive and see what I can see!

    This fountain reminds of the album cover for Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells.

    • I quite like the story of the stone cherub that sits in a small flowerbed that was once a leaky gold fish pond (gold pond with fish, or goldfish?) I like the former more, I can see it in my minds eye. Maybe we should go with “fountains with interesting details, unusual fountains OR fountains with a good story…” like the cherub and the fish pond. Checked the cover thanks to google, agree, I see the resemblance. recently went to an exhbition of old album covers (taken by the likes of Leibowitz, Warhol and Co) no it wasn’t my idea to go to see the exhibition, but I dutifully walked round it after a 1.5 hour drive…. Its the equivalent to you mowing the lawn, not killing the banana and looking after all the plants…ah what we do for love….

    • HI there, it is a special fountain thank you, but of course it was found at an art exhibition, where it’s easy to find special objects! Yours is, in typical Tgeritrix style very different and special. Glad you are not being flooded, you are not based in Germany then, as you write, back home. Or are you currently in the Czech republic, oh the joys of Geriatrixtravel!

  2. This is an unusual fountain. Mine will be a little late this week as I forgot to check on yours later on Friday and I have other posts scheduled over the weekend. But I will be back… 🙂

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