8 thoughts on “Fountain Challenge # 17 – the farmhouse next to the fountain!

    • hello my dear I am sure I answered this but its not showing, hope you are doing well, I have been out of touch and not visiting sorry, thanks for popping by over here though! it is a pretty place. Currently in Spain I will have a tapas for you, shall I, and think of you when I see the sagrada famiglia..poli

      • Poli– you do get around!! I have to admit I’m a little jealous– about the tapas and the warm nights in Barcelona. The Sagrada Famlilia is a glorious place. I went there to tourist through– the amazing artfulness and history of the space, but found it a warm and worshipful place as well. Hope you are in the middle of the most wonderful days there!!

      • Hi Rhonda – too true – very warm and sunny here, cold beer, artful tapas, amazing architecture, how did the 70ies arcitecture happen after Gaudi? Not talking expensive whimsy but sensible concepts like loads of natural light amd open space planning withload bearing pillars. Amazing. The sagradafamiia now has a roof – last time i saw it 2010 there wasnt one. It is such a beautiful building – Poli

      • We did love the architecture all over Barcelona– not just the magnificent inventive Gaudi creations, but all he beauty , especially in the city core. Hope you’ve run into some churros and chocolate!! xox

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