Simply creative – eating in Barcelona


I tasked myself with getting the fountain post ready for tomorrow, however, I have so many fountains to chose from and some of them, don’t  really meet the criteria, but are really wonderful, so I got stuck. Instead, tonight I thought I’d share some food photos, bright ideas for when you need to stun your guests with your culinary artistry. The Catalonians are creative, they have wonderful jewellery, check out this creative necklace , amazing architecture, I know, I am repeating myself, and to top it all they serve meals tapas style, so you can create your own culinary experience, well you can if you want to.

For someone, like me, who finds it hard to decide which part of the menu not to eat, tapas is a blessing, you get tastes of everything.

In Barcelona, we had dinner at Caelis (the restaurant with the funky golden egg) but mostly went for simpler restaurants, ideally small, family run outfits. We had dinner in Freixa Tradicio, check out the short menu here and it was spectacular from beginning to dessert (they also had some lovely glassware).

Above the reason I am sharing the meal: Crema Catalana on very delicate, light as air puff pastry, not the buttery stuff, this was like eating single oven-crisp pastry sheets separated by air, perfect foil for the buttery crema catalana and the strawberries of course actually taste of strawberry. It was marvelous and much more than the sum of its parts. Would love to have another. (I wonder why the pastry doesn’t get soggy when they put the crema catalana on it, do they finish it in the kitchen with a blowtorch? I am sure Stefan has a theory..)

Some other impressions, the traditional crema catalana, often they are very eggy, not so this version. Not a creme brulee, very clearly a crema catalana, but not too heavy on the egg yolks and not too heavy full stop. Not as good as the version above, but still pretty nice.

Crema Catalana

Below : we started out with Croquetas, one meat, one saltfish:


The photos of the main course will be added later, they appear to be on a different iPhone..

Look at that plate! Couldn’t eat the pastries but the plate was beautiful, irregular glass.

Dessert Catalunya

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