Fountain Challenge July # 20 Capricorn fountain, Switzerland

Capricorn fountain 1


An animal fountain, and also a stone fountain. Found at the end of a cul-de-sac in Basel, on one cold day in April perhaps. The light is still cold, blue, wintery and Northern.  One of the reasons I love being in the South is that the light has the warm glow of an orange, even in winter, the quality of light, the blue of the skies is very different. Here even on sunny days, the sun is brighter, harsher, light and lemon-coloured, telling you you are not in the South. One of the things I missed most when moving from DC to Switzerland was that the light here is “wrong”, I still feel that way, the light down South is just more “me” odd isn’t it? Curious to know from all of you who have travelled and lived in so many places whether you made the same observation. I can still tell today as I look out at the sun in the tree tops.

I have so many things I’d like to do, and so little time. One of those things is to run a website for graduate students looking for a masters thesis topic, regardless of the area. That way someone else could do the research for me. Recently with all the fountains I have become curious about the different styles, the Swiss and German fountains are usually functional and austere. The Austrians, unsurprisingly, loving majesty, have some impressive, fountains. The English do whimsical, playful and classical equally well, and fountain statues seem frozen in a moment of activity, compared to the capricorn above, which is less a capricorn than the statue of a capricorn, if see what I mean. TGeriatrix has submitted a number of Czech fountains, all of them make me think that the Czech artists have the ability to see into another world with scary creatures in it, which influences their sculpture, and the US fountains don’t really fit into any category that I can see, although they are very good at kitsch, in fountains too. Catholic countries appear to do  do more elaborate fountains, compared to the reduce to the max Swiss Germans where the fountains reflect the bare protestant churches (nowadays these are also empty). The Swiss French do things differently of course, check out Jude’s photos for proof. And yes this is not a scientific assessment, I do know that! Oh I forgot Aletta – the South Africans, well, based on Aletta’s pictures, of fountains in vineyards.  If I were an alien coming to Earth, or an archeologist in 2000 ears, when inexplicably all digital records have been lost to mankind, I would assume that fountains are inextricably linked to vineyards, and would perhaps conclude that the South Africans are a nation of great party-goers and that the fountains were filled with wine…

Any graduate art student reading this, wouldn’t it be interesting to compare culture conveyed by fountain?




Capricorn fountain basel


Capricorn fountain 3

Curious about the fountain challenge – join in. Read below for the rules!

We had some great submissions last week, I will be sharing them in next weeks post, bi-weekly fountain link sharing works well :)!

Have a great weekend all!


I shall post a fountain each Friday within a particular theme which will change each month. You are invited to join in by posting one or more of your own fountains within the month that fit into the theme and either add a link (ping-back) in your post to mine or link to it in a comment on my post.

To make it easier to find everyone’s posts, perhaps you could add the TagFountain Series‘.

You don’t have to post on a Friday.  Any day in the month will do. If you have loads of pictures that fit into a theme, feel free to post several times during the month or create a gallery or whatever works best for you. While I’ve never run a challenge,  I am following Jude’s capable lead and letting myself be inspired by her categories,  so I am feeling hopeful that this will work out:).

Theme for July is:  Stone fountains

30 thoughts on “Fountain Challenge July # 20 Capricorn fountain, Switzerland

  1. What a stunner! A curved horned ibex I guess. Lovely stone carving for your fountain collection and I was very interested to read about your analysis of fountains from around the world. I wonder if there are fountains in Australia and New Zealand? Haven’t come across any yet. And I don’t think I have any either. I have another Swiss one for you today 🙂

  2. I have put a new stoned based fountain on my blog today. You can check it out there as I don’t know how to post link here using my current cellphone.

  3. Well, Poli and Jude, I think it’s time for this Sydneysider to weigh in with a local fountain! Actually, I had already clicked Publish on this one before I came to Poli’s page to add the link, so the timing is purely coincidental. Here it is, a genuine Aussie fountain:

    As for your Googled fountains, I have the Archibald down for October (stately) in addition to a very grand one from the Botanic Gardens; I have the Tank Stream fountain down for September (fun) in addition to a playful one from near Darling Harbour; I don’t have the El Alamein at all, no photos of it. For November (my region) I have two from Sydney, plus three in December (whatever), just to spread them out.
    And I have posted a few Aussie fountains already:

    • :)super! How cool, thanks for educating us on australian fountains, Jude mustnot have been interested in them back when she visited and i blame my bad memory for not noting your other fountains were from Australia…look forward to the fountains – some beauties coming our way!

      • Oh that would be cool, it does look very pretty from the photos I found on the internet, but if it’s out of the way, well we will have to live without it, I have to say looking at the photos of Sydney it looks like a really fascinating place – right temperature and lively – and great food too Ah I must fly there one day too, with a couple of stopovers!

      • Sydney is certainly lively, but I’m not so sure about the “right temperature”. Winter is too cold for my taste. 5C at night and 15C during the day. 😦 Granted, that is balmy compared to other winters!

  4. Ha ha ha 😀 You made me laugh Poli! Just to add to the collection, I added another very old fountain I found at a wind estate! 😀 . I love the fountain you posted too! ❤

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