Pretty in gold – Spanish food on French plates


I don’t pretend that this is a particularly good photo, but when you are in a restaurant and you’d like to enjoy the meal, you don’t want to spend hours taking perfect photos, especially as the light is usually bad, and you are, primarily, really not there to photograph the food…..I share this, because the sheer opulence is mind-boggling, I love the plates, they come in gold (real, plated, oh yes), platinum and regular white. Many top end restaurants use them, they are very beautiful, and really, extremely expensive…I checked, I liked the white ones but mostly a similar plate also used in a one star Michelin restaurant (by Bernardaud, name of ecume, if you are curious, oh it’s beautiful).

Anyhow, away from plates and back to food: Shame on me I cannot remember what this starter was, however, luckily they haven’t changed the menu much, so here is what some of it is:

Amuse-bouche Caelis: sea-urchin and caviar ( I love the taste of sea-urchin, this was a very subtle play on the flavour, I love it best fresh, raw, Italian or Japanese style, some things are not made to be pureed, but that’s just me) ; crispy chicken skin with iberian chorizo rillette, I think that is what the thing on the left. On the right, foie gras with caramelised nuggets..

If I am totally bowled over I will remember nuances of a dish, here, sadly no hope. But the presentation was impressive.

10 thoughts on “Pretty in gold – Spanish food on French plates

    • Hi Rhonda – very fancy, true, special treat for me, I am just as happy in a regular tapas place though. We ate in a number of those too, and i love them. Poli

      • 🙂 hm, thanks my dear. Happily eating cucumber and mint, fresh tomatoes and all things Italian at the moment, candles on the balcony, lovely crockery and flowers in blossom, it’s perfect! I am rereading the wonderful stories about Detective Montalbano in Sicily, his hobby is to eat well, and his menus are described in great detail, it’s very inspiring! The books are by Andrea Camilleri and were also turned into a wonderful TV series intelligent criminal investigations with great characters, the TV series is very good too with excellent stage actors. Focus is on the story and the characters and not on the shock effect of violent crime. I like that (and also the recipes..)

      • I’m on it! I am squeezing in a trip to the library this afternoon, so I’ll see if his books are on the shelf! Thanks Poli!! Glad glad you’re loving your summer break… xo

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