Golden Goose? With a golden egg @ Caelis

Gold egg Cae

This is another one of those shots I had to share. If you cook you will notice that the egg is a VERY tidy looking egg. In this case, the egg was cleaned, inside and out, and then filled with a mousse of some sort, I seem to remember potato, but frankly again, the presentation was amazing, the course itself, didn’t bowl me over, warm, smooth, soft, potato is what I remember, other than that? Zip. Sorry. However, you get to see a gilded egg and Caelis in the background…..


6 thoughts on “Golden Goose? With a golden egg @ Caelis

    • very possibly 🙂 – this being run by a French chef (I think you can tell..) but the presentation of this was amazing! In general give me a regular tapas bar any other day though

      • 🙂 pretty much, although I imagine a princess would need to have a leaf of salad, get the golden egg and then after cracking the shell say, “Oh I couldn’t possibly eat this” or alternately, after cracking the egg, a magic stairway would appear, the princess would walk down it in a trance, the egg would close and the courtiers would spend the next 10 years looking for her, until the king in desperation initiated a contest hand in marriage to find the lost princess–..

      • Hi Rhonda – I would love to write a childrens book :), thanks very much for your kind words! Have a lovely evening, popping over to my parents now for an evening swim:::

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