Fountain Challenge #22: Barcelona Magic Fountain

magic Fountain barcelona

Barcelona 1

This post is dedicated to a whole family of fountains. The magic fountain from above you can see  the road beyond it is flanked by more fountains. Currently, sadly, for a blogger,  words fail me (mainly because I have a very very long to do list, and blogging is not at the top of it, but it is Friday – this is a recurring theme isn’t it?) Anyhow. Luckily the fountain photos were ready to insert because I prepared them last week, so enjoy the photos. I will be inserting some more of the fountain at night later on and then also mentioning all the lovely submissions from last week too :). Bear with me 🙂

barcelona 7


Barca 8




15 thoughts on “Fountain Challenge #22: Barcelona Magic Fountain

  1. very cool and such a sexy lady you captured too! Ah, if only I looked like that when taking a photo 😉
    Have a relaxing weekend, if you can…

  2. More of your travels! we visited that stairway fountain in Barcelona in 1983!! Our first trip to Barcelona. Just seeing your recent pictures of there make me want to go back! Hope you’re still enjoying your time off Poli. xo

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