Photo Challenge Narrow


The Daily Post at WordPress runs various challenges, amongst others, a photo challenge. This week’s theme is narrow. The path above was photographed at stunning Kew gardens in the UK, if you haven’t been there yet, but you appreciate fine gardening, it should immediately go on your bucket list!


14 thoughts on “Photo Challenge Narrow

  1. So inviting Poli– looks cool from the this hot summer vantage point. And I DO have Kew gardens on my bucket list– We’ve been to London a few times, but always with kids and never quite made it there. Bu someday! Hope you work trip is going well…

    • Kew Gardens is lovely with kids too, there is a great playground and a tree-top walk that sways in the wind and all manner of birds and great place for tea too – or you can bring a picknick – was full of 6 year olds when I was there!

      • I know– since I can travel any time now, I’m on the lookout for flight specials. I have a day dream to take each girl on her own special trip– when they are about 10, old enough to enjoy it… And you’re right Poli, they would love it! xo

      • Oh wow individual trips for each girl, that would be awesome – and another one on the way eh, that’s a lot of trips! Lucky grandgirls, lovely grandma! You really really retired then? Well done!

      • tickets from Santa Ana John Wayne Airport to London – come in around 900 GBP (with 1-2 stops and in economy…) – can you tell I should be doing my grown-up homework but am putting it off…?

  2. 🙂 I love Orange County by the way – have friends in Laguna Niguel. It’s a beautiful place and one of my favourite jewellery shops is at Dana Point – the White Pelican jewellery store, you may know it, or you may not! I have quite a lot of their earrings and bangles -although I hardly ever wear any of it, but it’s handmade Native American and unique. It’s been ages since I was last over there – Orange county for me is 1) the beach 2) seafood 3) Trader Joes and Costcos 4) Dana Point jewellery store (does that make me a terrible person= Take care my dear – and London is only a hop, skip and a jump away…..Last time I was over I was at a conference down the cost near Carlsbad I think and I drove up to visit my friends, have excellent Persian food and get some jewellery. I should dwell on the positives of my life more, you make me remember that as I reminisce, thank you!

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