Daily Post: Morning? Breakfast!

Grenada 3
The daily post  for Friday is: what does your morning look like? I’ve had mornings where I’ve greeted the sun,   most memorably  after a nighttime hike up Mount Sinai, Egypt, and also after a night spent sleeping in the desert on an overnight camel trek, where the sunrise was spectacular but the flat bread our guide made us on site for breakfast had maggots in it (from the flour), I ate it anyway (may have picked out the maggot bits) seemed very first world not to, but it wasn’t my favourite breakfast. Now admittedly,   a beautiful sun-rise is a good thing. However, my ideal morning, doesn’t necessarily feature the sun. What it does feature is a good breakfast. Prepared and served by somebody else. This bit is very important. Ideally I am sharing my breakfast and my morning with a loved one. Furthermore,  my perfect morning contains the following elements: starched linens.  Tropical fruit ripened just around the corner.  Velvety avocados. Cheddar. A perfectly brewed pot of tea. A view of tropical foliage. Some crispy bacon. Crepes and lime. And the sound of waves breaking in the distance, overlaid with the drumming of tropical rain on the roof…A sunrise is fine, fully agreed, but what would a morning be without breakfast?

Breakfast Grenada

Good pancakes are not bad either, especially when prepared with a big smile by Joseph..See Chef Josephs pancakes here

Chef Jospeh

27 thoughts on “Daily Post: Morning? Breakfast!

  1. ooh.. your perfect morning sounds just what the doctor ordered – yes please, I will have some too, but keep the tea, thanks, no coffee for me. especially not at breakfast. views of the sea, starched linen, a loved one by your side, tropical views, breakfasts cooked by someone else — I think you have it covered! 🙂

    • Hi Debbie :)! Thanks very much – i suspected i was not alone in enjoying life’s luxuries. It was a beautiful spot – breakfast was delivered to the suite every morning – cooked in outbuildings between the hotel buildings so hot things hot when they arrived. Just what the doctor ordered🌸. Highly recommend it it you like quiet tropical islands. Poli!

  2. OK Poli, this breakfast does sound pretty perfect. I agree starched linens make everything taste better. My most memorable breakfast was in your neighborhood! We were traveling from Lyon (FR) to Bern and left super early so kids would sleep in the back of the car. We stopped in a small village at the bakery and grocery and got breakfast supplies– a hot flat loaf of bread topped with melty butter and chunky sugar. Then ate it as we made our way up through the Alps, Bach on the player, sunshine in the windows, kids asleep, perfect! Hope you have a lot of beautiful breakfasts ahead in Greece! xox

    • Rhonda – what a beautiful memory, thank you for sharing, bach, sunshine and hot bread with melty butter – peace, great scenery – perfection – all the best for the weekend Poli

      • Oh so excited! still packing and then getting a train at 6.3o am arrive in Greece sometime around noon. First proper holiday in ages. I know I am always jetting off to various places, but every trip this year (London, Orlando, Barcelona, London) with the exception of Italy was a work trip, not only work but the reason to go was work. This one is no work. I will find it hard to not get on my computer and work while down there anyway, but I do think a real break is sometimes necessary….Happy Sunday (soon) Poli

      • Hi Rhonda – lovely here – sunny, warm, and fruits and vegetables that come straight from the fields. warm hospitality and only very challenging access to wifi, which takes some getting used to!

      • Dear Rhonda – yes lots of pictures, although mostly just hanging about enjoying the freedom to not do very much at all. it is very relaxing and beautiful (and bad cell and no wifi, which means internet access is very limited.. ;:))! but I try..

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