Fountain challenge # 27 – artistic fountains – beautiful snail fountain in Basel

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    Here I am in sunny Greece, sitting on a romantic terrace, with candles and wine and a view of the twinkling lights of the distant harbor, in the only place I can access where wifi is available..albeit slow, slow wifi. I am sure this is very healthy, even though the lady at reception was very apologetic when she told us “no wifi in rooms” – funny how used one is to full coverage nowadays.


Unsurprisingly, since my Greek adventures carry me from book to beach to veranda to beach to various mezze tables and harbour restaurants I have not stumbled upon any fountains since coming here. Also with temperatures in the high 30 ies it seems wasteful to have running fountains anyway. I suspect most fountains here, sensibly, come with a tap. However, like the three musketeers and the duracell bunny I came prepared and  can therefore happily share a snail fountain, from rainy basel, with you.


Tgeriatrix, you will like this one! TGertiatrix posted a snail fountain from a snail farm a few months back, when the topic was animals, and I teased her, asking her, who on earth would put a snail on a fountain. And then last week I discovered this artistic snail in Basel.


Next week september will be on us, and the challenge topic for september? Check in the tab above :! I am challenged with iPods, iPads and macs to write this post, somehow, writing in a restaurant is never quite as easy as doing it from your desktop with all programs and multiple screens at your disposal. I would make a bad field reporter I guess 🙂 Happy weekend all, I will list your fountains in the next weeks, with a bit of a holiday delay, thanks for your patience!

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