Fountain challenge #28 -September : fountains that made you smile

Here I still am in Greece, and I have yet to see a fountain, one that makes me smile or otherwise. There are so many cats here, however, that cat photographs would be easy, and to my astonishment I also stumbled on an art installation where flowers had been painted blue and placed in the Mediterranean scrub, not something I’d expected to see  here, where most of the art I’ve come across runs more to quaint scenes of a Greek idyll, boats, harbours, cats, whitewashed houses, that type of thing. So where do I find a whimsical fountain? A fountain that made me smile. The answer, as for many other essential questions in my life ( where do I source PG tips, mince pies, bakewell tarts or smoked chipotle spice, or a dose of good Szechuan cooking) is the UK and for todays fountain, more specifically London.


The fountain above was found in market square. Great food if you are in the area, and a fun fountain. The children had so much fun we just watched and smiled! so strictly speaking it wasn’t the fountain, but as always the challenge is interpreted with great generosity of spirit, happy friday to all!


19 thoughts on “Fountain challenge #28 -September : fountains that made you smile

    • Hi Rhonda – back at home, back at work, and mum had emergency op, so been busy, but following up now. The trip was gorgeous and I LOVE the greeks, they are like the Italians but with an American approach – very warm, very giving, very open and very interested in connecting and chatting, love it! Photos will be on the way

      • Welcome Home Poli! Hope you mother is faring well, recovering and hopeful. Glad she had you close by. And I am anticipating your photos of beautiful, delicious days in Greece! Sounds like it ws a wonderful trip. hugs hugs

      • Hi Rhonda, amazingly my mum’s operation has gone well, very happy about that obviously, wasn’t sure how ti would turn out. Photos upcoming later in the week!

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