Greek “fava” beans – fast split yellow lentil recipe


Have just got back from a wonderful Greek holiday. Sun, sand, sun and sand, any cultural site of relevance was about 2 hours drive from where we were, and luckily, I saw them on my last trip, so didn’t feel like I had to visit them again, especially as 36°C has a very negative effect on my desire to sit in a car for two hours. Talking to my mother about Greek food, her comment was, oh all the fish are frozen, which surprisingly was true for many menus I look at. She continued saying at some point you get tired of Greek salad, and taramasalata, and tsatsiki and souvlaki and moussaka and zucchini fritters. She made me laugh, it is true, when you are on holiday somewhere, at some point the food you loved at the beginning starts to challenge you. Case in point I was in Kerala for 2 weeks, at the beginning I couldn’t get enough of the taste of coconut, after 2 weeks I couldn’t even look at a coconut anymore and the smell of it in the food was enough to make me feel queasy. For Greece I had the same experience with feta, although there are some dishes I could have eaten every day, fresh fish for example, cucumbers and tomatoes and any other vegetable, all of which tasted as though they still remember the soil they grew in. No hydroponics for the Greeks….The eggs I had were the best I have had in a long time, and I only buy free-range, organic, but they still don’t compare to the eggs I bought in the corner shop. Despite that fact that I loved many dishes in Greece, one of the first things I made when we got home was a Chinese dish with soy sauce and ginger and Szechuan pepper.That said,while in Greece we had some spectacular meals, and a dish I never tired of, which is on Greek menus as fava beans, but is actually split yellow lentils, is the one above. Which I have made since I got back too.

Simple “fava recipe”

  • Basically it’s cooked split yellow lentils, rinsed before cooking, drained and pureed
  • Dressed with chopped red onion, ideally use a very sharp knife and make sure you don’t crush the onions (I chopped in a food processor and it mushed them up, releasing bitter juices, so if your processor doesn’t chop properly, cut the onions yourself)
  • in one place we had some capers added which I thought was very good, make sure to wash the capers if they come in salt
  • and drizzle with olive oil and perhaps some lemon juice if you like, although I used capers, very good quality olive oil and some of the brine from the capers, but it all depends on what you like.

8 thoughts on “Greek “fava” beans – fast split yellow lentil recipe

  1. Sounds fresh and delish Poil! (and I like “any other vegetable, that tasted as though they remembered the soil they are in!” never heard the description before, but I know just what you mean!) Hope you’re settled in well at home. xox

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