My big fat fried Greek aubergine slices -served with a view


The best things in life, the saying goes, are free. As far as our natural surroundings and the elements are concerned this is so true, and some of the other best things come at a small cost, as long as you don’t get analytical about fossil fuel and plane trips to go on holiday and the impact on the environment, such as these beautiful aubergine slices.   And when they come with a view, then life just doesn’t really get much better. When you are in a state of bliss thanks to the view and the fact that you are hungry and are being fed, that the waitress is kind and the food is spectacular, the company is good and you are at peace with yourself, well life just doesn’t really get much better does it?

img_5531Now there are a lot of recipes out there that show you thick battered aubergine slices. All I can say is, these were very thin, about 2mm in the center of each slice, crispy and if they were battered, then it was a VERY thin batter that was barely there. Probably there was a glaze on there so that the aubergine doesn’t soak up too much oil, but frankly, I didn’t ask I was too involved in eating them…The tomato sauce on top and the fresh garlic was a great addition. I may need to email the restaurant and ask!

8 thoughts on “My big fat fried Greek aubergine slices -served with a view

  1. Amazing all around Poli– the view, the meal, the sunshine and tranquility!! I love the the eggplant is bare– not so heavily coated. If you summon up this dish at home, send it along to us!! Glad your trip was a success! xox

    • Hi Rhonda – thanks so much for stopping by, yes it was lovely, sometimes simple things are the best. I read this great article about the root of discontent and that as most of the best things in life are free, love, sunrise, sunset, light reflected on water, birds in flight, laughter, butterflies, hummingbirds, affection, empathy, warmth, the feeling you get when you sit with friends, that marketing departments really have to give it their all to engender discontent and the desire for more. That lunch high above the blue sea is a case in point, it was perfect and no material goods could have made it at all better. I will try to source the recipe now :)!

      • That’s an interesting addendum Poli– “no material goods could have made it at all better.” I hadn’t thought of thins that way, but you’re right. Added frills would be a distraction. –and I like you best things list!! xox

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