Fountain Challenge # 31 Smoking hot British Mermaid – starkers..!


I  have been looking for fun fountains, or fountains that made me smile, and for this week the internal debate has been hot – do I share my Reykjavik fountain? The one from Lörrach, with Adam and Eve, or another one with small children, nothing makes you smile quite as much as a child having fun does it?  Anyhow as I perused my photos, I discovered, that I also have all of my mums photos, in an effort to make her a photo-album I once downloaded all her iPhone pics to my library, and that is where I discovered this fountain, second-hand, so to speak. And it made me smile, quite a lot in fact. Imagining the passers-by taken aback at the vision of a naked mermaid, smoking a cigarette, while perched on the rim of one of the cities oldest fountains. I hope it makes you smile too .)!


She came well prepared too:


And here with a bit more distance


The mermaid above, shall we call her Claire?, has gone back to England sadly, or maybe, she found her way into some kinky collector’s affection and was bought and then brought away? Claire was exhibited as part of Art Basel, I did try to identify the artist etc. however, you know when you search in google, and you type in pink mermaid fountain and get five hits, but then when you find the website, you cannot for the life you find the text you are looking for, and searching on the site doesn’t help either? Well that is what happened to me, so I gave up. The photo was enough. If you do find Claire’s maker, do let me know!

If you want to join in the fountain challenge the theme for this month is fountains that made you smile, for whatever reason. I am finding that my categories are challenging me too, but that’s half the fun. So find a fountain, find a story and join in!

  • September: Fun fountains – fountains that made you smile


I shall post a fountain each Friday within a particular theme which will change each month. You are invited to join in by posting one or more of your own fountains within the month that fit into the theme and either add a link (ping-back) in your post to mine or link to it in a comment on my post.

To make it easier to find everyone’s posts, perhaps you could add the TagFountain Series‘.

You don’t have to post on a Friday.  Any day in the month will do. If you have loads of pictures that fit into a theme, feel free to post several times during the month or create a gallery or whatever works best for you.

Last week we had some entries, not many mind, but some. My favourite this week is hard as both Kaz and TGeriatrix have submitted whimsical magical fountains: check out Kaz’ tank stream fountain – all those cute little animals, what an ingenious and amusing fountain – make sure not to miss the crab!! And TGeriatrix, has another fountain with curious imaginary animal lifeforms, she writes “The Neustadter sculptor Professor Gernot Rumpf created it with Palatine mythical birdlike creatures known as “Elwedritsche”. Bestia Palatinensis in Latin – frankly Professor Rumpf strikes me as an overachiever, however, his fountain is still  a must-see I think if you are ever in that area, something Beatrix Potter could have come up with, check out the little bird hatching from his egg – adorable. Chava has a fountain from a Botanical garden – where the water spouts are in fact the fish and


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