The heron, the stream and the joyous human

img_6020_fotorMore water. All from that wonderful Saturday in the sun. Oh such a perfect day. A recent study on people who “instagrammed” their food showed, that actually, despite expectations to the contrary, they enjoyed their meals more and remembered them better, than others. I condense the results freely from memory, but I thinks that’s about it. I feel the same about taking photographs and posting them later, firstly because I take more photos than I otherwise would, secondly because I look at them again later and thirdly because I write about the moment I relive that perfect day in the sunlight walking 18km from noon to dusk, passing walnut trees and grapes on the vine, apple and quince trees heavy with fruit, heirloom roses perfuming the air and a simple meal among the vines at a restaurant run by a vintner  where we got to sample the new wines, a plate of cheese and home-made meringues with egg-liqueur. Life’s most simple yet abundant joys and pleasures.

Another one for the daily post….


Daily Post – Water is this week’s theme, I could post photographs on this topic for weeks on end without any issue at all…

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